Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235

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Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
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Mfg Industrial Price: $8.84
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Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235

2 X 4 magnifying lens fits most major brands of standard and auto-dark, large view or standard view welding helmets; including all Miller, Jackson, Speedglas™, Hobart Hood and Save Phace™ EFP ADF welding helmets.

Select the diopter rating above.

31 Questions & 32 Answers
from New York asked:
July 26, 2017
Is this plastic or glass?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is plastic.
Customer Service
on July 26, 2017

from Franklin, La asked:
July 6, 2017
Will this lens fit a miller 251292 helmet?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit in a Miller 251292 helmet.
Customer Service
on July 7, 2017

from BOSSIER CITY, LA asked:
April 21, 2017
how does this lense "attach" inside the helmet, does it replace the existing clear one??
Most helmets will have a mag lens adapter that this can be slid or clipped in to.
Customer Service
on April 21, 2017

from Troy PA asked:
January 7, 2017
Will this fit my miller elite auto dark black 257 213
Yes the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lense 212235 will fit the Miller Elite Auto Dark Black 257213 helmet.
Customer Service
on January 9, 2017

Reed D
from Kentwood, La asked:
December 3, 2016
Will this lens fit a Antra auto dark hood?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is a standard 2 x 4 size that is used through out the industry. If the Antra helmet has a provision for mounting a Mag lens then the Miller lens should fit.
Customer Service
on December 7, 2016

from Newman Ca asked:
October 28, 2016
does this lens fit a jackson insight auto dark lens
If you have a Jackson Welding Helmet with a Insight auto darkening lens a Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses can be used with it.
Customer Service
on October 28, 2016

Joshua Perri
from marcus hook, pa asked:
October 18, 2016
Are the cheaters ANSI Z87 rated?
Miller advises that the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses are ANSI Z87 rated
Customer Service
on October 20, 2016

from Long Island, New York asked:
August 26, 2016
Will this fit the speedglas 9000x series helmets?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 can be used with a Speedglas 9000 series helmet
Customer Service
on August 29, 2016

Seth Hirt
from Rockdale, TX asked:
January 26, 2016
Does this Magnifying Lens(212235) fit in the Miller Titanium 7300 Welding Helmet?
Yes .. the Miller Welding Helmet - Titanium 7300 Digital Auto Dark Lens has a built in magnifying lenses adapter. It will accept all Miller magnifying lenses
Customer Service
on January 27, 2016

from Nebraska asked:
January 19, 2016
I just purchased a Miller digital infinity helmet will those magnifiers fit in it without an adapter?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses can be installed in a Miller Digital Infinity Helmet. The Digital Infinity helmets comes with a mag lens adapter which allows a mag lens to be installed. A mag lens cannot be installed with out it
Customer Service
on January 20, 2016

george touponse
from hudson fl. asked:
November 10, 2014
how do i determine which one i need
Every ones eyes are different so there is no way to determine what power of magnification you would need. If you don't know what magnification you need we recommend that you go to your local pharmacy (CVS Rite Aid etc). They usually have a display of inexpensive reading glasses. Try some of these glasses on to see what power you need . These glasses are generally rated the same as our mag lenses.When trying the reading glasses on hold the glasses approximately an 1 to 1 1/2 inches away from your eyes to approximate where the mag lens would be mounted in your welding helmet.
Customer Service
on November 10, 2014

from Moose Jaw , Sask asked:
September 10, 2014
will this fit the jackson balder BH3 lens
We offer only the Miller brand mag lenses. They can be used with theJackson Balder BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 37191 . You can go here to see the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses.......................................................................
Customer Service
on September 11, 2014

from Havre, mt asked:
July 10, 2014
will this lens fit the Hobart Impact Gear Head 770767
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit in the Hobart Impact Gear Head 770767 helmet
Customer Service
on July 11, 2014

from Australia asked:
March 14, 2014
Are your lenses made in China? If so, how do you ensure that they are of higher quality than lenses made for cheaper models?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses are made in Taiwan..Regarding your question about quality assurance we suggest that you direct your question to Miller directly
Customer Service
on March 18, 2014

from australia asked:
December 31, 2013
are they scratch resistant
Miller advise that the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses do not have scratch resistant protection
Customer Service
on January 8, 2014

milos evan
from Woodland, CA asked:
September 20, 2013
Any idea, if this magnifying glass will work with Tweco Weldskill helmet ? THX
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is a standard 2 x 4 size that is used through out the industry. If the Tweco helmet has a provision for mounting a Mag lens then the Miller lens should fit
Customer Service
on September 23, 2013
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is a standard 2 x 4 size that is used through out the industry. If the Tweco helmet has a provision for mounting a Mag lens then the Miller lens should fit
Customer Service
on September 23, 2013

John Z
from Stoughton WI asked:
September 4, 2013
I do not find a magnifying lens for the 3m speedglas welding helmet do you carry one for the speedglas helmet
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will work with Speedglas helmets.
Customer Service
on September 5, 2013

john c
from melbourne australia asked:
July 1, 2013
what range of magnification is available
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is offered from .75 to 2.5 magnification.
Customer Service
on July 2, 2013

Ron James
from West Texas asked:
June 4, 2013
Will these fit the hobart helmet 770753 ?
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will work with the Hobart 770753
Customer Service
on June 4, 2013

from arizona asked:
April 26, 2013
does this fit the titanium 9400 i
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit in the Miller Titanium 9400i.
Customer Service
on April 29, 2013

from Joliet Illinois asked:
April 23, 2013
Do they make a .75 cheater and if so what is it for? Wouldn't that make it look smaller?
Yes the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is .75 magnification..No the lens is a magnifier and it makes the image larger..
Customer Service
on April 23, 2013

from Falmouth, Ma asked:
January 18, 2013
Will this lens fit a Chicago auto dark welding helmet # 91214. I'am a hobbyist, but need some eye help.
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit in most helmets.
Customer Service
on January 21, 2013
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit in most helmets.
Customer Service
on January 21, 2013

from prineville oregon asked:
November 16, 2012
is it plact or glass
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is plastic
Customer Service
on November 19, 2012

Trudy Gammel
from Barrhead, Alberta, Canada asked:
October 31, 2012
does anyone make a 4.5 by 5.25 magnifying lens (1.75)
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 is plastic
Customer Service
on November 19, 2012

from Down South asked:
October 9, 2012
Will this fit the *older* Miller Digital Elite helmets?
Yes this Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit the old style Miller helmets.
Customer Service
on October 10, 2012

from East Windsor Nj asked:
October 1, 2012
Will this fit a 9100V speed glass
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 will fit a speedglas 9100v
Customer Service
on October 2, 2012

from Spokane, Wa. asked:
September 26, 2012
Will this lens fit the new Miller digital elite? I have looked at other universaly lenses, they are all too thick to fit under the tabs. The lens must be only 1/16 thick. Thank you.
Yes, the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens will fit in the new Miller Digital Elite helmets. There are tabs on the inside of the helmet where you can slide the magnifying lens in to.
Customer Service
on September 26, 2012

from Chicago,Il. asked:
August 28, 2012
Are the magnifying lens 212235 different in degrees in which can see? Like reading glasses 125, 150,200
Yes, the Miller magnifying lens' do come in different diopters like reading glasses do. The one with the least magnification is .75 and the one with the strongest magnification has a diopter of 2.50. There is a drop down menu listed on our website where you can choose which strength you need.
Customer Service
on August 28, 2012

from Modesto, CA asked:
August 27, 2012
This will fit into a NextGen Jackson helmet with the 4 1/2" x 5 1/4" lens?
Yes, there are tabs on the inside of the Jackson Nexgen welding helmet where you can put the Miller magnifying lens. Please keep in mind that the magnifying lens is 2x4 inches so it will not cover the entire viewing area of the Nexgen lens.
Customer Service
on August 28, 2012

from Sacramento asked:
August 9, 2012
Is this product really 2 x 4, or is it standard 2 x 4-1/4?
Yes, the Miller Magnifying Lens 212235 is measured at 2 x 4.
Customer Service
on August 10, 2012

joe d.
from florida asked:
August 9, 2012
need a 2.50 lens and a 3.00 lens
The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235 does come in a 2.50 but unfortunately it does not come in a 3.00. The code number for the 2.50 is (212242).
Customer Service
on August 9, 2012

4.5 Stars based on 71 reviews
By r
east bumble foo
Gr8 product at a Gr8 price
September 21, 2017
Its amazing how straight my welds are when I can actually see what I'm doing
By Jim
Madison, WI
Welding Helmet Corrective Lens
June 18, 2017
Works like a champ! Very easy to fit into my welding helmet and now I don't need to fidget with glasses or forget to put on my glasses when welding.
By Jim
Ft Worth Texas
The magnifying lens is ok but is hard to install in the Miller T94 helmet
June 10, 2017
I like being able to see without wearing glasses and the lens is really great for that. It is hard to install in the Miller T94 and T94i.
Long Island
April 20, 2017
Shipping is super fast!
By Jimmy
Just as described
April 16, 2017
As expected, perfect fit into my Miller hood.
ProsClarity is very good Perfect fit
By John
Clayton, NC
I can see!
March 10, 2017
Was having to do all my welding wearing my glasses which means I would have to tilt my head back to see thru the bottom half of the lens. That means I'm only seeing thru half of the already small lens opening on my welding helmet. Frustrating to say the least... Put this in the slot in my Miller welding helmet and I CAN SEE!! Only reason I gave it 4 stars vs 5 is because I thought it could be just a little bit bigger (fill the welding lens a little better). Otherwise, it's fantastic!
By jeff
December 21, 2016
worked as described. super fast shipping!!
By bill
Batavia, il
Makes life easier
November 17, 2016
gone are the days of switching to magnify g readers when going to welding. saves time, cost of other glasses and incidental damage to regular glasses I was always switching out.
By Dan J.
Helmet magnified lens
October 13, 2016
Good quality, Good price and fast delivery.
ProsI can see what I am welding
Canton, TX
Welding lens
September 16, 2016
What can I say? It's a magnifying lens, it works just like it is supposed to. Totally satisfied.
By Pat W.
Westchester Il.
See what you are doing
September 12, 2016
As one gets older the eyes just don't work like they use to. Wearing reading glasses under a helmet is very cumbersome to say the least. This magnifying lens that fits in the helmet is a great help. Since welding by brail will surely burn your fingers.
By Bill
Miller Magnifying Lens
September 10, 2016
My glasses always fog up. I called my eye doctor and asked prescription lens number. Then purchased these not knowing if they would help. Wow! these work perfect.
ProsSnapped right in.
By Perry
Hudson Valley
Great for older eyes....
August 25, 2016
Makes a world of difference....I am a new, old welder.....These are great.....try em out....
Prosperfect fit
Consno cons
By Al P.
Hartsville, South Carolina
Super service, quick delivery !!!
February 22, 2016
These definitely solve my "glasses under hood" problems. with this assortment I can do a better job, whether it is normal welding or real small and tedious welds.
ProsExtremely fast delivery and excellent service.
By OldGuy
Wakefield, Mass
Like reading glasses for your welding helmet
February 22, 2016
If you can't read without reading glasses, then you shouldn't be welding without a "reader" lens in your helmet. These lenses are not for magnification, but to help those of us with old eyes focus at close distances. Just purchase the magnifier that matches your reading glasses.... +1.00, +1.50, etc. If you don't have a Miller helmet you should check that the width is compatible. The lens fits inside the helmet between plastic tabs on the left and right sides of the frame. It works great with my Antra AH6-660 helmet.
ProsI can see again.
ConsMay not fit all helmet brands and models... different brand lenses have slightly different dimensions.
By Sidneysmojo
Leesville Louisiana
I can see
February 20, 2016
this product fit perfectly and had great customer service and I will continue to do business with this company
By Mark
Didn't make any difference
January 22, 2016
Made absolutely no difference when I put lens in.
By R Douglas
Dillon, MT
I See
January 18, 2016
Great accessory, or in my case, must have piece. Makes working under the hood much less fatiguing and welds turn out better.
By RP Richard
Springfield, VT
Ecellent Cheater Lens
January 6, 2016
I'm extremely near sighted (I can only see close up) so I wear glasses to see at a distance. Now with my glasses, I'm Farsighted and even with my bifocals or progressive lenses, I need to get way too close which causes my outside cover to get damaged from smoke and spatter, and I need a respirator even though I have plenty of fresh air. Now I can stay clear and still see the weld from a distance
By Larry D.
Walkersville Md.
Very nice
January 5, 2016
It is what I have needed for a long long time.
By Jeff
I should have bought this sooner
November 26, 2015
I should have bought these sooner. I can see the weld so much easier. If you need readers then you need these
Prosenhance view of the weld
By Clyde S.
Glen Burnie, MD
I can see again
November 8, 2015
It is nice to see again!
By Aaron
United States
Old age? You need these
June 7, 2015
Perfect for me, easy to slip into my Miller helment.
ProsLow cost, easy to install.
By Rod
Indianapolis, Indiana
Can't see without it
June 5, 2015
Does what it's designed to do
ProsI can see
By Gregg
Ellenville Nee York
May 27, 2015
Works great !!! All pros no cons.
By Dan
San Francisco, CA
Suddenly my welding skills got a whole lot better
May 1, 2015
Funny how that happens when you can actually see what you're doing.
By Mike
Morrison, Colorado
Freedom From the Bi-Focals
April 4, 2015
This magnifying lens is great. It fits tightly, has good clear vision and I don't need to wear glasses while welding any longer, Can finally weld without my Bi-Focals. Fast shipping, excellent supplier to deal with.
ProsFit perfectly in my Digital Elite Helmet.
By Mike
Sylvania, AL
Price has gone way up. What gives?
April 2, 2015
ProsGood lens.
By Russ
Lebanon Ohio
I can see up close again
March 20, 2015
I can see up close better now then before
ProsI really like the magnifying lens
Consnot a thing bad about them
By Roy
Decatur, Texas
Mag Lens
March 18, 2015
This lens works very well with my helmet and using it allows me to wear wrap around safety glasses while welding.
ProsGood magnification.
ConsSince the lens has two windows with a vertical line there is some distortion if you have to look at the center with one eye. You can remove this by centering your head and helmet but sometimes this isn't possible. Even with this slight problem the lens is still very worthwhile.
By jenny
Just what I needed
January 1, 2015
I dont have to worry when placing an order from CyberWeld. I get quality products and I get them fast! No better place to shop for Welding supplies.
By Dan
Old Bridge NJ
Over all good
December 28, 2014
Fit well easy to install. Would be nice if it was taller to fit entire viewing area.
By Ken
Lancaster Pa
September 16, 2014
I can see AMAZINGLY!!!
ConsThese lenses will scratch, but if you gently wash in water and dry with a soft cloth , they will last a while. (try not to get grinding dust on it if possible, just rinse with water, dry with soft clean cloth)
By Daniel
I can see
August 11, 2014
I'm 60 years old and if that doesn't tell ya how happy I am with the magnifying lenses ....... welds are a lot better now
By George
Lake Havasu City Arizona
Finally don't need glasses with hood.
May 15, 2014
This magnifying lens is great. It fits tightly, has good clear vision and I don't need to wear glasses while welding any longer.
By Bret
Blanchester, OH
Great Welding Helmet Accessory
May 12, 2014
My trifocal glasses, which have no focal correction in the tops of the lenses, prevent me from properly viewing my work through the lower focal lenses. The helmet will not tilt down low enough to allow me to look through the lens while aligning my line of sight through the proper focal points of my glasses. This magnifying lens allows direct line of sight through the upper portions of my glasses, which have no correction, and gives proper focus for viewing the work. I chose a magnifying power halfway between my lower lenses and my mid focus lenses and it works great to see the work in focus.
By Paul V
March 9, 2014
You used to be able to purchased these lenses, not any more so thank you so much for having these lenses. bless you for being understanding that we all get old and need some help and your lenses are fantastic. Thanks Again, Paul Vance
By Gary
Mpls, MN
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens
March 1, 2014
Not what I expected. Better off without. It does increase the size but the helmet must be within a foot or less of the welding.
By Dennis
carnation, WA
Better fit
February 23, 2014
These lenses fit better than the brands that I buy in the local welding store - they don't slip as much.
By KennyP
Works Well
January 27, 2014
Fits my new Miller Elite Digital well and I can now see what I'm doing!
By Stewart
Sin City
Absolutely great service
December 10, 2013
Purchase item arrived 2 days before estimated delivery date. Very well packaged to protect item. CyberWeid has always been great to purchase from. As far as the purchase item goes, it's Miller Welding. Enough said!
ProsVery Prompt Confirmation and Shipping!
By Guy
Upstate NY
Worth Twice the Price
November 17, 2013
64 years old and into trifocal lenses. Hell...try to find a head position in your helmet that gives you a good view ( actually any view ) of your work when wearing your glasses. Now slide in these cheaters and you will not believe the clarity and comfort while under the helmet. Don't put these in a $ 39.00 helmet either - spring for the Miller Pro Hobby Helmet. You will be pleased.
By Harrol
St. Simons Island, Ga
Mandatory accessory if you are Sight impaired (Old)
September 20, 2013
I would order one of these every time I get a new Helmet. Just make sure you get the right strength for your eyes. Ask your Eye doctor.
ProsEasy install works great
August 13, 2013
Does not fit Digital Elite
July 3, 2013
Magnifier does not fit Digital Elite helmet despite being miller part. It is too thin and has no frame to fit properly in helmet. It will work if you put some tape around the edge of lens to keep it from sliding around in the helmet.
By ron
waay helpful for an older dude like me
June 23, 2013
This is so much better than wearing reading glasses!
Proswonderful comfort to just wear only a helmet.
ConsYou have to carefully push and tug to get the lens into the helmet's bracket, but you won't hurt anything if you take it easy.
By ron
waay helpful for an older dude like me
June 23, 2013
This is so much better than wearing reading glasses!
Proswonderful comfort to just wear only a helmet.
ConsYou have to carefully push and tug to get the lens into the helmet's bracket, but you won't hurt anything if you take it easy.
By james
wilsonville, or
magnify lens
June 19, 2013
clear view, good magnification
Prosgood magnification with wide view still in focus
Consmade of very soft plastic that scratches easily, be careful & use a soft cloth ONLY. no paper towels ever.
By Chris
Charlestown, In.
Nice lens
June 17, 2013
I wear $ 600 {3.0 diopter} progressive eyeglasses and can't see to great without them, I could wear cheap walmart bifocals under the helmet but wasn't sure if they'd be comfortable or fit well under the helmet, turns out with the hobart decomposition helmet I bought eyeglasses DO fit under the helmet so that is a good option also although I think walmart eyeglasses cost twice as much. The strongest cheater lens is only 2.5 diopter but worked fine for me and is easy to install in helmet.
Prosinexpensive way to see while welding.
ConsI think they should offer a lens that is taller to fill the entire viewing area of my helmet since I payed more for a large viewing area and this cheater lens only covers about 2/3 of the viewing height. I also think they should offer stronger magnification lens' for the people whose eyesight is really bad. If using this I still found myself wanting to remove my hood w/ cheater lens and put eyeglasses on to inspect my weld.
By Sabre
Washington State
I can finally see!
June 13, 2013
I struggle to see, wearing progressive lenses in my glasses. Now everything is in perfect focus!
ProsThe entire visual field is in focus.
ConsI have to put my glasses on when not welding. Still, it beats not being able to see!
By Andy
Chicago, IL
I can see clearly now
June 4, 2013
I popped this lens into my Miller welding helmet and it works great
ConsI only wish they made a larger magnifier.
By Rich Hanning
Fountain Inn, SC
April 9, 2013
This lens did not fit my Hobart Hood contrary to the description.
By John D.
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens
February 24, 2013
It works as stated, The only down side is that you can get dizzy if you are walking around your weldment because you are always in magnifying , but great if you only use it if your standing still without lifting up your helmet. I am a production welder so it would not be good for my situation because I need to keep my helmet down while moving to different areas of my weldment ! but great if you don't have time limits !
Prosit works well
Consnot good for production where keeping you helmet down for the whole job, but it does not say it is good for that so I would say there are no cons
By Bob
Arlington, VA
Works great!
February 16, 2013
Easy to install and better than trying to wear reading glasses under helmet.
By John Davidson
Green Bay Wisconsin
Miller magnifying lenses
February 15, 2013
The ordering and the speed the product got here was fine. The fact that all three of the purchase items were scratched up, was unacceptable. But I did not feel like returning them and going thru the process of getting my money back. Three items wrapped in plastic and then a cardboard box should be free of scratches. I have not and will not use the product.
ProsExactly what I was looking for had it been free of defect.
ConsIt came scratched up, damaged.
By Deerehauler
McCook, NE
cheater lens
February 11, 2013
works as advertised
Prosreally help me see the puddle
ConsI hope the plastic is scratch resistant
By Charlie
Cape Cod, MASS
Miller Magnifying Lens
February 8, 2013
The Lens fit easily into my low cost auto dark helmet. It helped these old eyes weld pretty good during my evening welding class at the local tech school.
ProsNo hassle fit
By Dennis A Jones
Cheater for Speedglas 9100XX
February 2, 2013
Fogs up as soon as hood comes down. Tried antifog,nothing works
By Ed
Westchester NY
Magnify Lens
December 11, 2012
I pick up a pair of cheater lens for my helmet on recommendation of a friend who has them and they made world of different when welding. I could see much better when welding. I recommend these cheater lens to any one who having a problem seeing the weld. Cyberweld .com is the way to go.
Prosfast shipping
By Rick
works great
December 4, 2012
Got the 2.00 diopter and it works great for me and my bifocals. I can see above my head witout breaking my neck to look through the bifocals. Even through the bifocals on close work everything is much clearer.
ProsI can see again
Consmore to fog in colder weather
By Bob
I can see!
October 26, 2012
I'm a beginner stick welder, and for the longest time, could not see the puddle. With these cheater lenses, I finally can! These do take some getting used to. It's like putting on your first pair of prescription reading glasses. You don't want to be looking around while under your hood. Once you figure that out, the positives (seeing the puddle) outweigh the negatives (initial disorientation).
ProsThey work!
ConsCan't just keep hood on, and look around the shop.
By Flip
Orlando, fl
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens
October 6, 2012
This really works fantastic, never have to wear my reading glasses under the helmet anymore.
By Mark
San Antonio, Texas
I can see
July 26, 2012
These little jewels sure help when you are getting older, it was amazing the difference and not having to fight with reading glasses under my hood.
Consscratch easily
By Johnny F
Commerce, GA
magnifying lens
July 26, 2012
I have cataracts and have to wear trifocal lens glasses. this lens really works well. When I look down at what I am welding I can look thru top of glasses, or just wear plain safety glasses.
ProsBeing able to see what I am welding with plain safety glasses.
By Dale
Southwest VA
Great item for old eyes!
July 24, 2012
Great item for up close small welding. This item really helped me see while doing detailed TIG welding on small items. You do have to be fairly close to the work piece for the lens to focus correctly.
ProsLow cost Helps to see small fine details when welding small parts.
ConsHave to be fairly close to the work piece.
By Daniel
Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens
July 22, 2012
I got the 1.25 and I see no difference in the magnifying. doesn't really work
By David
Houston, Texas
Helped my welding
July 16, 2012
Now I can see better when welding.
By Brian
Magnifing lens
April 24, 2012
ProsDoes have a lens holder for speedglas order it from here
ConsPlastic scratches too easley when cleaned
By Jim
New Jersey
Genuine Miller
March 20, 2012
Can't go wrong with Genuine parts, especially at these prices. Great company to deal with. Great communication and FAST shipping.
By Nixy K
New York
Auto dark does not have a holder for this
March 15, 2012
I need a cheater lens and this one is nice, but my Speedglas does not have a holder inside. I have taped it in place with electrical tape. That said, the lens is awesome. It really heaps when you can see your work clearly.
ProsQuality lens
ConsDescription said it fit Speedglas helmets. Not the autodark ones.
By Andy
Apex, NC
Like the product
March 5, 2012
Like the product but won't fit my Tweco helmet
ProsAbility to slect my desired Diopter
ConsWon't fit my Tweco helmet

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