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3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW

Code: 06-0600-30SW
3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW
Cyberweld Price: $490.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $797.87
You Save:  $307.87
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Auto Darkening Lens 06-0600-30SW

The new 9100XX FX welding helmet combines legendary Speedglas™ quality and auto darkening technology with an innovative wide-view grinding visor to give welders an all-in-one solution for more flexibility, precision, and efficiency. The exceptionally clear, wide grinding visor offers a greater field of view in all directions, while a smooth flip-up pivot mechanism assures effortless transition from welding to grinding modes.

New front air exhaust vents help reduce fogging, and highly adjustable suspension and well-balanced design enhance the well-known Speedglas top performance and comfort qualities.

Speedglas™ 9100 FX Helmet Features
  • Exceptionally large, 8" x 4.25" protective visor with 105 degree of viewing angle significantly increases user's field of view in all directions.
  • Smooth flip-up pivot mechanism allows for effortless one-handed use and quick transition between welding and grinding modes.
  • SideWindows with exclusive Shade 5 filters allow you to see others working around you.
  • Front and side air exhaust vents help minimize fogging and enhance comfort, particularly during extended use.
  • Includes spark deflector. Also, optional flame-resistant extended ear and neck protection accessory is available for added protection from welding hazards.
  • Compatible with all 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 Auto Darkening Filters (ADF).
  • Compatible with most 3M disposable respirators and select 3M reusable respirators.

    Speedglas™ 9100XX Auto Dark Lens Features
  • Viewing area 12.11 sq in
  • Magnification made easy. The new magnifying lens holder, on the inside face of the welding helmet, makes lens installation easier and more adjustable.
  • Seven user selectable dark shades: shade 5 for gas welding/cutting, shade 8 for microplasma and low amp TIG welding and shade 9 to 13 for most other types of arc welding.
  • The tack welding comfort mode uses an intermediate light state (shade 5). If a follow-up arc is not struck within two seconds, the welding filter switches to the normal light state (shade 3). The comfort mode may help reduce eye fatigue resulting from the eye constantly needing to adjust to differing light levels during tack welding.
  • The delay function allows the user to set the dark-to-light switching time.
  • Sensitivity of arc detection can be adjusted to provide reliable switching for a wide range of arc welding processes, amperages and situations. And you now can lock in any shade: the light shade for grinding or other non-welding activities, or one of the dark shades to have it function as a passive welding filter.

    Comes complete with
  • Speedglas™ 9100 FX welding helmet with 9100XX auto dark lens
  • Side Windows with removable covers
  • Speedglas™ Helmet storage bag
  • Replacement sweatband
  • 3 Outside protection plates
  • 1 Inside protection plates

    Welding Lens
    Made In Sweden

    This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

  • 3M Speedglas 9100XX/9100XXi Starter Kit 06-0201-303M Speedglas 9100XX/9100XXi Starter Kit 06-0201-30Package of 5-Outside Cover Plates, 2-Inside Cover Plates, and 1-Replacement Sweatband for Speedglas™ 9100XX and 9100XXi ONLY.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 06-0201-30


    3M Speedglas Outside Protection Plate 06-0200-513M Speedglas Outside Protection Plate 06-0200-51Package of 10 - Genuine 3M™ Speedglas™ Standard Outside Protection Plate. Suitable for 9100 series Speedglas™ welding helmets ONLY.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 06-0200-51


    3M Speedglas Inside Protection Plate 06-0200-103M Speedglas Inside Protection Plate 06-0200-10Package of 5 - Standard Inside Protection Plate. Suitable for New 9100 series Speedglas™ welding helmets ONLY.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 06-0200-10



    3M Speedglas Wide View Clear Grinding Visor 06-0700-543M Speedglas Wide View Clear Grinding Visor 06-0700-54Package of 5 - Speedglas™ replacement clear grinding lens for 9100FX series welding helmets ONLY.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 06-0700-54


    Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 212235Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lens 2122352 X 4 magnifying lens fits most major brands of standard and auto-dark, large view or standard view welding helmets.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 212235

    Mfg Industrial Price: $8.84Cyberweld Price: $5.89


    3M Speedglas Replacement Batteries 04-0320-003M Speedglas Replacement Batteries 04-0320-00Package of 2 - Replacement batteries. Suitable for SL, Utility and all 100, 9000, 9002 and 9100 series Speedglas™ welding helmets.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 04-0320-00


    3M Speedglas Welding Helmet Headgear 06-0400-513M Speedglas Welding Helmet Headgear 06-0400-51Speedglas™ Welding Helmet Headgear and Mounting Hardware - 9100 Series

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 06-0400-51


    3M Speedglas Hard Hat Adapter - 9100 FX Series 06-0614-00NR3M Speedglas Hard Hat Adapter - 9100 FX Series 06-0614-00NRHard Hat Adapter (band & mounting hardware) to mount your 9100 FX series Speedglas™ welding helmet.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 06-0614-00NR


    21 Questions & 21 Answers
    from seattle asked:
    March 8, 2017
    if I buy just the fx shell (part# 06-0600-00sw) will it will come with the standard head cover?
    1 Answers
    3M advises that part number 06-0600-00sw is only the shell. The head cover would need to be purchase separately. The part number for the head cover is 06-0700-82. It is a special order item and the cost is a package of 1 for $126.88.
    Customer Service
    on March 14, 2017

    Alex Keil
    from New York asked:
    August 3, 2016
    I have a lens for this helmet I just need a shell. Where can I buy one without the lens in it?
    1 Answers
    You can purchase a 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW without the auto darkening lens. The part# for this item is 06-0600-00SW and your cost would be $232.17.. We do not stock this item but we can special order for you
    Customer Service
    on August 3, 2016

    from San Diego asked:
    June 24, 2016
    Can you attach earmuffs to this item?
    1 Answers
    Earmuff can not be attached to the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW. 3M does offer ear muffs at can be used in conjunction with the 9100FX. The part # for these ear muffs is H505B and you cost would be $236.43.
    Customer Service
    on June 24, 2016

    Shon Williams
    from Yankton, South Dakota asked:
    January 30, 2016
    can I get this helmet with a 9100XXi lens? If so, what is the price difference?
    1 Answers
    The 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW currently is not available with the XXI auto darkening lens.
    Customer Service
    on February 1, 2016

    from New york asked:
    November 27, 2015
    Do you have a holiday return policy?
    1 Answers
    If purchase the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW as a Xmas present you would have 10 days after the holiday to contact us to set up a return. The product must be in new unused condition in the original manufacturers packaging.
    Customer Service
    on November 30, 2015

    from Kyiv, Ukraine asked:
    June 11, 2015
    I'm interested purchase this item. Is it possible to ship it with EMS mail? What is delivery price to Kyiv, Ukraine? Thanks a lot!
    1 Answers
    Sorry but we do not ship outside of the USA and our exporter does not ship to the Ukraine
    Customer Service
    on June 11, 2015

    Danny Meza
    from houston,TX asked:
    April 29, 2015
    Purchased this helmet through cyber weld last July its now has a broken tab. How do i go about with this isssue? I am limited to what I can weld now with the tab broken which part of the helmet.
    1 Answers
    If you have a warranty issue with your 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW you will need to contact Speedglas.They handle all warranty claims directly.. You can contact the Speedglas warranty dept by calling 800-328-1667 choose option #3 then option #1
    Customer Service
    on April 30, 2015

    jude makowiec
    from weatherly,pa asked:
    April 20, 2015
    how do u replace the grinding lens
    1 Answers
    To replace the grinding lens in the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW you will need to raise the front lens panel. With this panel in the up position you will see the grinding lens . This lens is held in place by a black surround retainer. To remove this retainer pull the tabs on the edges of the retainer and unsnap the retainer. With the retainer removed you can simply push the clear grinding lens forward and out of the helmet..To install simply reverse this procedure.
    Customer Service
    on April 21, 2015

    from Spokane, WA asked:
    February 12, 2015
    I was wondering if this hood had the cloth backing included. It goes from the top of the hood and covers the back of your head from light. I cannot tell from the pic. And is there tax in WA on this item. Thanks
    1 Answers
    The 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW comes with the standard fr cloth Head Cover which will cover the top of your head but not the back of your head or heck.. There is an optional Extended Head cover that provides increased coverage of your head and neck.. There is no tax if shipping to Washington State.
    Customer Service
    on February 12, 2015

    from CA asked:
    October 11, 2014
    Are cheater lenses available for this helmet?
    1 Answers
    We offer the Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses for use on the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW you can go here to see them http://store.cyberweld.com/malemihe.html
    Customer Service
    on October 13, 2014

    from Woodbury, MN asked:
    June 10, 2014
    A lot of complaints about the helmet not staying up. Does anyone know that the left and right knobs have different functions? Left is parking and right is friction. Overtightening the left one won't let it park. Shame on 3M for not making this obvious.
    1 Answers
    You are correct.. When the 9100 helmets were introduced there was no mention of these adjustments in the owners manual.. About a year ago Speedglas began including instruction form # 06-0400-52 which addresses the adjustment for the helmet pivots.. This form is now included with all 9100 series helmets.
    Customer Service
    on June 11, 2014

    raven tracy
    from reno nv asked:
    March 30, 2014
    what does the s,w stand for
    1 Answers
    The SW in the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW part number indicates that the helmet has side windows
    Customer Service
    on March 31, 2014

    todd vandrimmelen
    from tracy ca asked:
    March 25, 2014
    can these be hooked up to the adlfo system later on?
    1 Answers
    If you were to purchase the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW and wanted to convert this to an Adflo you would need to purchase a new helmet shell with the built in Adflo duct work . You could then reuse the 9100XX autodarkening lens
    Customer Service
    on March 26, 2014

    from plymouth , maine asked:
    February 5, 2014
    is this the hole hood and len's price
    1 Answers
    The price shown for the3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW is for the complete helmet with the lens
    Customer Service
    on February 5, 2014

    from ct asked:
    September 4, 2013
    does this work with the adflo system
    1 Answers
    3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW will not adapt to an Adflo system. If you have this helmet, you can take out the lens and purchase a shell that will hook up to the adflo system. The new shell would have the proper vent ducts and hose connections.
    Customer Service
    on September 5, 2013

    from Atlanta, GA asked:
    March 29, 2013
    I have a big head (size 7 3/4 - 7 7/8). Most "one size fits all" hats and helmets do not comfortably fit. Can the helmet accommodate larger heads like mine?
    1 Answers
    The max inside circumference of the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW head gear measures approx 25 inches . This would equate to a #8 hat size
    Customer Service
    on April 2, 2013

    Bill Goodan
    from Gualala, calif asked:
    March 5, 2013
    Is the 000-30 filter the newest one? Or is it the 000-20??
    1 Answers
    The -30 in the 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW part number indicates that the lens is a xx size lens which would be the largest size lens.A -20 indicates that it is a x sizes which is a slightly smaller lens and a -10 is a v size lens which is the smallest lens..
    Customer Service
    on March 7, 2013

    from upstate NY asked:
    February 26, 2013
    Where can I buy the compatible hearing protection?
    1 Answers
    Here is a link to the hearing protection available on Cyberweld.com http://store.cyberweld.com/hepr.html
    Customer Service
    on March 1, 2013

    Rob m
    from Georgia asked:
    February 14, 2013
    What's the size of the clear grinding lense on the helmet?
    1 Answers
    3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW clear visor 06-0700-54 has a viewing area of 8 x 4.25
    Customer Service
    on February 21, 2013

    from california asked:
    November 8, 2012
    Is this helmet available without a lens (I already have 9100XX lens)?
    1 Answers
    Your 9100xx lens can be installed in an FX helmet.The part number for the FX helmet without the lens is 06-0600-00sw ($271.01)
    Customer Service
    on November 12, 2012

    from illinois asked:
    November 5, 2012
    Dear anyone; Do you know if helmet will come with the piss poor mounting hardware that breaks from flipping helmet up and down? I see others have gotten replacement ones and are working a lot better. Where do you get these and how do you order them so I do not have the same problem having to hold the unit on with one hand because side swivel broke. Thanks BJ bigejohnson10@yahoo.com
    1 Answers
    The 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW uses the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet Headgear 06-0400-51. Here is the link : http://store.cyberweld.com/spweheheandm1.html
    Customer Service
    on November 12, 2012

    14 Reviews
    50% (7)
    21% (3)
    14% (2)
    7% (1)
    7% (1)
    71% Recommend this product (10 of 14 responses)
    By Anthony A. II
    Houston, Texas
    October 5, 2017
    Best hoods ever
    I see a lot of folks having troubles with the detent, I have been using these helmets for a very long time. Guess I have been lucky, never had the problem. If you have access to a machinist (doesn't even have to be a good one) have him turn down some aluminum round stock and cut some threads into it. Honestly never even looked at them but don't see why it couldn't be done. Personally never had a problem that stopped me from using it, I have bought 3 so far 2- 9100, 1- 9100 FX. Lenses are a bit pricey, for the most part the companies I work for have sprung the bill.
    Prosclarity, response, field of view, flip up for grinding, vents to exhale out of the hood, ergonomic, the Velcro protective cover over the head and really only a few positions that have covered the sensors keeping the hood from turning on.
    ConsThe rear tensioning mechanism wont tighten as much as I would like at times especially welding upside down but still does the job.
    By Brad
    Portland OR.
    March 10, 2016
    Love it!!!!!
    Take the time to adjust the head band. It is a little heavy but worth it not needing to keep switching from hood to grinding shield. Life Is Good!!!!!
    ProsTime saver
    ConsA little heavy
    By beto
    June 27, 2015
    Good not great
    like the welding part of the helmet I dislike the head mount. I really hate the fact I have to take the extra time to be fixing the head mount thinking how pricey speed glass helmets are you would expect better head mount .
    Prosgreat view ,does what it's supposed to do .
    Conshead mount and hitting my face inside the lens that's almost unbelievable .
    By James
    Maine New York
    November 21, 2014
    3m speedglass 9100fx
    I have been stick welding carbon steel and tig welding stainless steel with this hood and feel it is a much better hood than my miller elite and have since retired the miller. The best features are a larger viewing area,side shields and clear shield for grinding and prep work.
    By Theo
    United States
    September 17, 2014
    Great helmet
    Best helmet I ever owned.
    By Greg
    Billings, Montana
    April 10, 2014
    Nice but not $519.45 nice :(
    I've listen to many of the other reviews and i know what they mean. There is too much ergonomics inside them it seems to make a good thing gone bad. The adjustment knobs just don't support the flip shield because it is too heavy for them. As far as the lens goes, yeah it has a pretty lime color but as soon as you strike an arc it's like welding with my old Miller again. If you like Miller hoods save yourself some dough and buy the Miller Titanium. If your looking for a high def lens you can't go wrong with a Jackson hood with the Amber true sight lens.
    ConsI paid $519.45 to turn on fat dykes in my shop.
    By Leonard
    Big Rapids, MI
    September 19, 2013
    Great Helmet
    I'd give this helmet 5 stars, but the mounting bolts don't hold the helmet up.
    ProsLove the side windows, adjusting capabilities of the head mount
    ConsHelmet doesn't stay up
    By westcoastangler
    February 6, 2013
    9100xx vrs 9400i
    I first purchased the Miller 9400I and I didn't like the weight or the headgear then I purchased the 9100fxx and this hood is well worth the extra money by far a superior hood
    Prosthe weight is good The head gear is great The helmet is just the best on the market
    By Shayne
    Missoula, Montana
    December 27, 2012
    Great Price, Great Helmet, Great Service
    Speedglas/3M Quality as you would expect. Cyberweld provided constant shipping status and great packaging to survive journey and handling.
    ProsBig screen tv viewing area. Very comfortable to wear. Lenses adjustments and settings simple to operate.
    ConsSeems cheater magnifying lenses are onle available in smaller 2x4 format.
    By Darin Gillespie
    Lima, Ohio
    November 24, 2012
    Good Hood, but def needs some RE-engineering though
    I purchased this welding hood about a year ago, it sat for about a month before I could get it mounted to a hard hat, which when I did, had to be customized a lot so that it would stay in the upright position, and not fall into my face. I called 3M personally and they said they could send me another hard hat adapter, which is the same hard hat adapter used on OLD SCHOOL fiber metal hoods, once again that do not work on this hood. So biggest disappointment is that the hood had to be customized quite extensively to work mounted on a hard hat, problem being that the width of the hard had does not allow the front to flip up correctly, and allow for ease of use.
    Prosexcellent viewing area, periphrial view is a little tricky getting used to but is very nice to have when working on scaffolding and welding with other workers in near vicinity, ease of changing outside cover lens is also a plus.
    Consdoes not mount to hard hat correctly, after getting it mounted for hard hat use the front lens does not flip up correctly, cleaning the inside of the auto shade is next to impossible unless you take out the grinding shield to reach "through" the grinding shield to wipe excess dust and debris off the inside of the auto shade. changing the grinding lens and inside lens of the auto shade is bit of a pain in arse. Also last but not least the weight of this thing is not good, it is a very heavy helmet to be having hanging off the front of your head all day, be prepared for a stiff neck and shoulders. personally, if i knew how much i was going to have to modify before i could use it i dont think i would have spent 600 on a welding hood.
    By Zack
    April 29, 2012
    Rekindled Romance!
    I received my new pivot knobs and have been using them for almost 1 month now. They work excellent. I can now give this helmet 5 stars!!!
    By Simmons
    April 18, 2012
    Happy Now !
    UPDATE 3M has sent me a new set of the headgear sides that are a bit thicker than the first they work alot better but not 100% then they sent me a set that has been redesigned from the ground up "see pics" they work great now im so happy .
    Pros3M's Service / Warranty
    By Zack
    April 9, 2012
    Will not stay up for me!
    I have had the same problems as the other poster. After about 3 months of use I found that the helmet would not stay up no matter how tight I made the tension controls (detents) that connect the headgear to the hood. Finally the screw broke on one of them (which is made out of plastic) in the middle of my shift. I had to weld with one hand and hold the helmet up to my face with the other. I called 3M and they sent me a new set to install. I had to weld with my passive lens Fibremetal for 3 days until the new detents arrived. I installed them and they worked for 5 days until the same thing happened in the middle of my shift again. It wouldn’t stay up no matter how much I tightened the detents. The plastic screw broke on one of them again also. Unfortunately, I did not learn my lesson the first time this happened. I didn’t bring a spare hood, and again I found myself welding with one hand while holding the broken Speedglas with the other. I called 3M for a second time and had a discussion with a representative in the warranty department about the grievances I had with this detent problem. They acknowledged that this was a problem and were in the process of implementing a solution to fix the detents. I explained to the rep how upset I was about the money I paid for it and that I need to use the helmet while they’re working on a solution. He pacified me by sending me a whole bag of the defective detents. As of now I only have one set left and I have stopped using the hood. I had one set out of the bag only last me a day. I told the representative that the detents should be made out of a metal, but he responded by saying that their most common complaint from welders is weight, and they have to keep the weight down by using plastic. I’m going to call 3M again tomorrow to see if they have released the new and improved detents. Don’t get me wrong; this is a great helmet. . . . . .when it works it saves me a lot of time because I do a lot of grinding. I love the lens. The headgear is second to none, and I personally do not find it heavy at all. I’ve already had this helmet on for 10 hours straight. Its so comfortable I could sleep in it. Unfortunately, this problem with the detents renders it completely useless to me. Until 3M fixes the problem, the 9100FX gets one star from me.
    Pros9100XX Lens Headgear Weight Grind Shield Serviceability 3M Customer Service
    ConsDetents / Tension Controls
    By Jason S
    Lovell , Maine
    March 22, 2012
    Not so happy...
    Well after using my old huntsman p51 hood for over ten years I was so excited to get this hood but that soon turned to disappointment when the hood would not stay in the upright position the head gear only has the detente lock on one side ... it looks well made but just will not hold the helmet up ... so in trying to get it to stay up I have tightened the side screws until one broke ... now my new five hundred hood is just sitting and I am using my ten year old hood ... I have sent cyberweld a email three days ago and have not got a response ................... My hope is that the head gear in my helmet is broke and a new head gear will fix it ... looks like I will need to spend moor cash to find out .
    ProsHead gear is comfortable . The digital leans is unbelievable clear you can see whe weld like never before . The clear outside plate is fast and easy to change . The hood looks nice . The hood is not any heavier than other top hoods even with the grinding flip up added .
    ConsHood will not stay in the upright position . Clear cover plates are pricey . Did I say hood will not stay in the upright position !!!

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    3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW
    3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet - 9100XX Lens 06-0600-30SW