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Welding Jackets


Miller® Welding Safety & Health products are designed by welders to protect against the most common hazards associated with welding and cutting.
Tillman™ Welding Jackets, Welding Gloves, Safety Clothing, Welding Blankets and Screens.
Black Stallion®, BSX® and Angel Fire® welding and safety clothing and gloves from Revco® Industries
Premium welding jackets, welding gloves and gear designed exclusively for women
Leather provides superior protection for your welding or metal working application. Choose from leather welding jackets, welding capes, welding sleeves, leather aprons & spats.
Miller WeldX™ CarbonX® Protective Clothing
MIller WeldX™ CarbonX® protective apparel offers the highest level of Fire Resistant protection in a lightweight, washable garment.
Combination cotton/leather garments combine the best of lightweight, breathable cotton with the industrial strength of leather. Choose from combo welding jackets, welding capes and welding sleeves.
Light duty welding applications demand the comfort and flexibility of durable, flame resistant cotton protective clothing. Choose from cotton welding jackets, welding capes and welding sleeves.
High visibility safety apparel is becoming an essential part of overall workplace and jobsite safety programs. Choose from high visibility jackets, vests and gloves from Black Stallion®.
Highest quality brand name leather welding gloves, work gloves, leather driver's gloves and mechanic's gloves.

Welding Jackets

Welding Jackets & Apparel

Choose from a wide selection of branded welding apparel, safety clothing and accessories.

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