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Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565

Code: 500565
Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Cyberweld Price: $1,180.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $1,600.00
You Save:  $420.00
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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Hobart® AirForce™ 27i Plasma Cutter 500565

Hobart® AirForce™ 27i plasma cutter features the new ergonomically designed, 27 amp, XT30R plasma torch and cuts up to 5/8 inch mild steel. The AirForce 27i comes complete with MVP™ (multi-voltage plug) technology which allows you to run off of standard 115 volt OR 230 volt input power. Voltage changeover is simple and requires no tools.

The AirForce 27i's inverter design means it is lightweight and portable and excels at cutting sheet metal and 3/8 inch mild steel. It can even sever cut 5/8 inch steel. The 27i is the same base plasma cutter at the AirForce 500i, with the new XT30R plasma torch.

  • Air Plasma Cutting

    Sheet Metal
    Auto Body

  • Direct replacement for AirForce 500i
  • New ergonomic plasma torch design - reduces operator fatigue and provides a full 27 amps of cutting power.
  • Compatible with Engine-Driven Welders - Complete cutting capability when powered by an engine-driven welder with a 240 V generator power outlet of 6 kW or more.
  • Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) - Allows you to connect to common 120 or 230 V power receptacles without the use of any tools - simply choose the plug that fits the receptacle.

  • Post-flow Air Cooling - Cools the torch and tip after cutting, extending life of replaceable tip and electrode.
  • Fan-On-Demand - Runs only when needed reducing dust/debris pulled into unit.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology - Prevents abrasive dust and particles from damaging internal components.
  • Thermal Overload Protection - Built to withstand tough working environments. Rated for 35% duty cycle at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Duty cycle will increase as environmental temperature decreases.
  • Cable Management Strap - Secures torch, work cable and power cord to make transporting easy and convenient.
  • Line Voltage Compensation (LVC) - Provides peak performance power under variable input voltage conditions (15%) for steady and cleaner ending cuts.


    Comes complete with
  • AirForce™ 27i plasma cutter
  • XT30R torch with 12 ft lead and consumables
  • 12 ft heavy duty work cable and clamp
  • 10 ft (3 m) power cord with 115/230 VAC, 20 A MVP plug

    This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

  • Download AirForce 27i Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    Download AirForce 27i Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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    Hobart Plasma Drag Shield 770799
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    Package of 1 - Genuine Hobart® plasma drag shield for your Hobart XT30R plasma torch.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    24 Questions & 27 Answers
    from mile city mt. asked:
    January 30, 2019
    i know the hobart 27i cuts 16 ga. cutting 20 gauge will it warp the metal
    1 Answer
    Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565 will cut rather fast on 20 gauge but will not warp the material.
    on February 1, 2019

    Wade H
    from AR asked:
    September 9, 2018
    my 27i plasma cutter 230v plug will not work on my 10000w hobart welder with 50amp outlet; where can i find an adapter for 50 amp to 20 amp plug?
    1 Answer
    Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565 with a 230v plug would need Miller Power Adapter - Full KVA 230 Volt 300517 to hook up to your Hobart 1000w generator.
    on September 13, 2018

    from S.A. Tx asked:
    May 8, 2018
    will this plasma cutter run off the champ 145 gas welder/generator?
    1 Answer
    Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565 will not run off of a Champion 145. Hobart recommends at least a 6000W generator with clean power.
    on May 15, 2018

    Michael J
    from FL asked:
    February 15, 2018
    Do i need a compressor with the air force 27i
    1 Answer
    Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565 requires an air compressor that is capable of providing 3 cfm of air at 90-120 psi.
    on February 15, 2018

    James Moore
    from Otto NC asked:
    August 28, 2016
    Will it cut thin stainless steel?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565 is rated being able to cut up to 5/16" steel. It will cut stainless but the 5/6" rating could be decreased as much as 30%. This would make the max cut approx 7/32"
    Customer Service
    on August 29, 2016

    from Marquette, MI asked:
    June 23, 2015
    Can I use this to pierce 3/8 in steel? As in, I want to cut a hole in the middle of the sheet.
    3 Answers
    Hobart indicates that the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 can pierce up to a maximum of 3/8 steel.
    Customer Service
    on June 23, 2015
    Hobart indicates that the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 can pierce up to a maximum of 3/8 steel.
    Customer Service
    on June 23, 2015
    Hobart indicates that the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 can pierce up to a maximum of 3/8 steel.
    Customer Service
    on June 23, 2015

    from winona, mn asked:
    March 16, 2015
    Is this unit available,tried to order but no luck will not let me add to cart.
    1 Answer
    We are not having any problems on our end when it comes to adding items like the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 to the shopping cart.. Our experience indicates that the problem may be with your browser.. You may want to try another browser.
    Customer Service
    on March 17, 2015

    Michael Weaver
    from Fort Worth, TX asked:
    October 28, 2014
    I just ordered a Hobart 500 plasma cutter for $1192. Does the unit come with 120 and 230 plugs, addition shield and plasma tip, electrode, and o-ring kit? Please reply prior to shipping order.
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 comes with both the 230v and the 120v MVP plugs. it also comes with 2 extra electrodes and 2 tips..it does not come with extra shield cups or o rings
    Customer Service
    on October 29, 2014

    from Pekin, IL asked:
    October 20, 2014
    Will the consumables from one of the Miller plasma cutters fit the 500i?
    1 Answer
    No.. the consumable parts used on the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 are specific to that model
    Customer Service
    on October 21, 2014

    from Seattle asked:
    October 6, 2014
    What size generator would be needed to operate this unit?
    2 Answers
    You would need a generator with a minimum of 3500 watts in order to run the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548..
    Customer Service
    on October 6, 2014
    You would need a generator with a minimum of 3500 watts in order to run the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548..
    Customer Service
    on October 6, 2014

    from colorado asked:
    March 7, 2014
    what is the warranty and return policy on this unit?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 is covered by Hobart's 5/3/1 warranty.. 5 years on transformer, 3 years on machine and 1 year on the torch.. 10 day return policy .. Must be new and unused and in original packaging
    Customer Service
    on March 10, 2014

    from fort payne ala. asked:
    February 12, 2014
    i have never used a plasma cutter, other then a air compressor what else will i need to use this airforce 500
    1 Answer
    The only thing you will need to make the Hobart Air Force 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 operate is a 120v or 230 volt AC power supply and an air compressor that is capable of providing 3 cfm of air at 90-120 psi.. You may want to consider adding a plasma air line filter. There are several types on our site
    Customer Service
    on February 12, 2014

    from Upton, MA asked:
    January 31, 2014
    Will this model operate in the 110 volt mode without drawing more than 20 amps
    1 Answer
    Hobart advises that if you have a 15 amp time delay breaker you "may" be able to operate the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 on 110volt and less than a 20 amp breaker. However you will have to turn the output amperage way down and greatly limit the thickness you will be able to cut.. They do not recommend operating the machine in this manner
    Customer Service
    on February 3, 2014

    from Minnesota, USA asked:
    December 20, 2013
    Hello Where is this unit manufactured? Is this a "pilot arc" machine? Thank you, Russ
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 is made in Appleton Wisconsin USA.. It uses a pilot arc however if you are cutting expanded metal you will need to retrigger in order for the torch to re light
    Customer Service
    on December 20, 2013

    from Charleston wv asked:
    December 10, 2013
    Is their a circle cutter available for this unit and if so what is the part # thank you
    1 Answer
    The Miller Plasma Cutting Guide 253055 can be used with the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548
    Customer Service
    on December 11, 2013

    from Charleston wv asked:
    December 4, 2013
    Why does the owners manual reference miller warenty and www. Millerwelds.com for parts and repair, so is this a miller product with a hobart label? I just purchased this unit and just wanted to know thank you.
    1 Answer
    Miller Electric manufacturers the Hobart equipment.. They use the same serial# system as Miller, the service facilities are the same, the warranty is very similar, and many of the internal components are the same
    Customer Service
    on December 5, 2013

    christopher burke
    from St.pete, Florida asked:
    December 4, 2013
    I don't see it in the specs but will you need to run an outside air compressor?
    1 Answer
    You will need a compressor to operate the : Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 .. The compressor must be able to supply a volume of air 3.0 cubic feet per minute at 90 to 125 psi in order for the Airforce to operate properly
    Customer Service
    on December 5, 2013

    from el paso texas asked:
    November 18, 2013
    What is the warranty on this item?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 was the Hobart 5/3/1 warranty which is a five-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers and generators; three years on electronics and one year on plasma torches
    Customer Service
    on November 19, 2013

    from new orleans la. asked:
    August 19, 2013
    can you use compressed air or what kind of air is necessary
    1 Answer
    You can use compressed air from a cylinder or from an air compressor to run a Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548.. The Airforce 500i will require 3 CFM of air to operate.. An air compressor would be the best way to go since the rate that the 500i uses air it will empty a large 300 cubic foot cylinder of air in less than 2 hours
    Customer Service
    on August 20, 2013

    from Santa Ana, CA asked:
    July 29, 2013
    Does this unit have its' own air compressor onboard?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 does not have a built in compressor
    Customer Service
    on July 29, 2013

    from usa asked:
    July 17, 2013
    What country is this hobart 500i manufactured in?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 is assembled in the USA
    Customer Service
    on July 18, 2013

    from PA asked:
    July 16, 2013
    What about cutting stainless steel? and how thick of SS can it cut?
    1 Answer
    Cutting stainless with the Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 reduces its cutting capabilities by 20%.. So basically the rated cut of 3/8" on steel would be reduced to approx. 5/16" on stainless
    Customer Service
    on July 18, 2013

    from Nixa, MO asked:
    November 28, 2012
    Does this unit have Pilot Arc capability?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter 500548 does use a pilot arc or contact start .. It does not use high frequency
    Customer Service
    on November 29, 2012

    from detroit,MI asked:
    July 25, 2012
    1 Answer
    The AirForce 500i does not have a built-in compressor. The AirForce 250Ci or Miller Spectrum 125C do come with built-in compressors but are only rated to cut 3/16" material.
    Customer Service
    on July 25, 2012

    49 Reviews
    86% (42)
    14% (7)
    0% (0)
    0% (0)
    0% (0)
    100% Recommend this product (49 of 49 responses)
    By Paul
    Blountville, TN
    July 4, 2017
    Very Happy
    I would advise buying a name brand machine.
    I also would advise buying from a company like cyberweld.
    I got the Hobart 271 really fast. Worked right out of the box.
    I later ordered some acc. got them fast.
    Now its just practice.
    Prosname brand fast delivery great price
    By BarracudaJoe
    Jacksonville, OR
    May 28, 2017
    works good
    I've used a lot of plasma cutters working as a steel fabricator for 44 yrs and this is a great portable unit. Light, easy to carry and set up. The cuts are very clean up to 1/4" plate. I only gave it 4 stars due to the fact that the one test I did on 1/2" plate was not what I expected considering I was using it on 240V. I've since learned that I should have increased the air pressure a bit for that thickness. For some reason I had it in my mind 90psi was max. but the manual says 90 to 120psi so I'll have to give it another try. Cyberweld shipped promptly and delivery was on the scheduled date.
    ProsLight weight, portability Able to use 120V if needed
    Conscapacity, but hey, It's a portable unit.
    By Shawn
    San Antonio
    April 12, 2017
    Hobart 27i Plasma Cutter
    Thorough communication on delivery. Set up was easy and plasma cutter worked great during my test set up.
    By Jeff
    Northeast indiana
    March 24, 2017
    Hobart 27i
    Great machine. Perfect for home or farm type shop. Cyberweld is the epitome of professionalism.
    ProsSimple, compact and light.
    ConsLeads are four feet shorter than the 500i had.
    By RP
    Marietta, Ohio
    March 10, 2017
    Best Price
    Great plasma cutter. Works well. Best price I've found on the internet.
    ProsMVP plug. Built with Miller parts. Price. Shipped Quickly.
    ConsAmperage knob feels kinda cheap when turning. But no big deal.
    By Mike C
    Madison, Ms
    October 7, 2016
    Great Purchase
    The cutter does exactly what is advertised! I would recommend that if you are cutting thicker material to run the unit on 240v.
    By Dustin D.
    New Hampshire
    September 29, 2016
    Quality product
    Lower priced than competitors and got to my house really fast. I have only used it on its 110 adapter as I don't have 220 yet but I punched through 1/8" rusty metal with ease at half heat setting. So far this is an awesome machine! I appreciated that Cyberweld called to verify my purchase. Good customer service!
    ProsMade with Miller parts!
    ConsNo nipple, external oil/air separator
    By steve s.
    August 11, 2016
    Came quick and did just what i needed
    Fast delivery and the unit is a very good performer.
    Proscuts good
    Conswish it had a built in compressor but it cuts good.
    By Dennis
    Boerne, TX
    August 4, 2016
    quick response to shipping problem
    FedEx lost the first shipment but I notified Cyberweld they didn't hesitate to replace shipment immediately. I actually received the replacement within three days, after having FedEx lost the first shipment for a week at their local terminal.
    ProsQuick response time to shipping problem
    ConsDon't let them ship it FedEx if possible
    By Kent
    near Richmond, VA
    July 26, 2016
    I researched plasma cutters for about 10 months and very glad I purchased the Hobart AirForce 27i and not a cheaper model from a import tool company. CyberWeld had the best price that I could find, the delivery time was quite fast, and everything was included with the order. I have used it a few times, it is easy to setup and makes great cuts. I would suggest that if you get a plasma cutter to make sure you also pick up proper glasses and clothing to protect your arms/hands/exposed skin.
    By Levi
    Richfield NC
    June 4, 2016
    Good machine
    Never had one but like it....
    By Ben
    Pearland TX
    June 2, 2016
    This machine has performed all task thus far flawlessly
    By Pat
    May 29, 2016
    Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565
    Excellent and quick service from CYBERWELD.
    Excellent plasma cutter.
    It has already exceeded our expectations.
    By Rob
    May 16, 2016
    Love it.
    This is a very nice plasma cutter. Love its capabilities. Price was very good and shipping was fast.
    ProsMulti-voltage capable. Quality is excellent.
    By Don
    Sorrento, FL
    May 13, 2016
    Works as advertised
    Great product
    great price
    delivered on time
    By b cooper
    April 4, 2016
    great machine
    best plasma cutter for the money.
    Proshighest cutting capacity for roughly half the price of other units. consumables readily available and reasonably priced
    Consnone yet
    By Scott C.
    Early, iowa
    April 4, 2016
    Fast shipping
    Great machine. Cuts better than anticipated
    By Chris
    Jacksonville, Florida
    March 28, 2016
    Perfect for automotive restoration projects
    Exceeded my expectations using 110 volts, blew right through a 67 mustang upper shock tower support using 110 volts with a 50' extension cord. Love it.
    Pros110 volt usability
    ConsNone with the product. But it did take two weeks to receive .
    By D&M trucking
    Guysville,Ohio 45735
    March 27, 2016
    Hobart Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565
    Thanks, works very well on repairing aluminum dump beds 3/8 and 1/4 in
    Prosduel range 110 or 220 very good idea for this size machine
    By Chris
    San Antonio TX,
    March 10, 2016
    good buy on a good machine.
    Delivery was a little longer then I expected but I used ground. The unit worked great out of the box. Kept tripping the breaker so I installed a bigger one and now it works great!
    ProsPrice, multi voltage
    By Chris
    Smithfield, VA
    March 6, 2016
    Super Fast Shipping, Great Deal
    Less than three days to get my plasma cutter, free shipping and it was a Saturday delivery. What great service. Will check CyberWeld for other purchases first.
    ProsEasy voltage change. Cuts great.
    By Mark
    February 4, 2016
    As expected.
    what I expected. very pleased
    By Roderick
    Texas, United States
    October 11, 2015
    Fast Ship and Great Customer Service Communications!
    From order to door took less than 72 hours and it included a cross county trip at that! Had it out of the box within the hour and used it for an ongoing project! It's great for cutting animal pen fence panels (4ga) and 1/8" stock for the project. I like that it can use 115 or 230 volt supply for flexibility and it's light enough for the wife to lug around for her hobbies which means it's very portable. For what we use it for (1/4" or less) it performs like a Hobart Plasma Cutter should!
    ProsCan use 115V and 230V supply. Light weight! Also comes with an internal air filter and regulator. New XT30 torch uses miller replacement tips and electrodes and the miller drag shield is a must have! (comes with it) It included spare consumable tip, electrode and shield. 110v and 230V plugs are also included!
    By Frank
    Bryan, Texas
    September 6, 2015
    great machine
    Very good service / prompt delivery. Haven't had the Hobart 500i Plasma cutter long enough to really ratte it but initial experience is great!!!
    By KEN P
    belfair wa.
    August 16, 2015
    hobart airforce 500i plasma cutter
    I have only used it once to cut some 1/8 stainless for my Harley bracket .right out of the box and it worked great. this is a great addition to my shop.
    Proslight weight, portable and really good to have 220 plug along with 110 plug
    By MugMan
    Nor Cal
    August 12, 2015
    Delivers what it promises
    So far so good. Really need the higher voltage to do any kind of serious work so 110V option not worth much in a shop setting. Just hooked it up and let it rip, no issues at all. This model chosen for cutting steel in hard to reach areas and occasional fab work. No regrets and CyberWeld was fast and great to work with.
    ProsGood value. Easy to operate.
    By Henry
    July 23, 2015
    Hobart is best
    Work just like cutting butter
    ProsSize and weight are great
    By John
    Oklee, Mn.
    June 19, 2015
    Excellent machine !!
    Tried it on both aluminum n 1/8 in steel, cuts like a hot knife thru butter.
    By Michael
    Albuquerque, NM
    April 11, 2015
    Unit works well. Great addition to the shop
    Shipping was very quick. Unit works great. Super small and light easy to move about in the shop.
    ConsAlways buy bigger/more powerful than you believe you need. This unit did not have the duty cycle we ended up needing (boss changed the requirements and we needed a machine that will cut 5/8" / 3/4" all day long.) The machine is great for .250" /.313" material - will cut this thickness all day.
    By Robbie
    Easley, South Carolina
    March 15, 2015
    Really nice unit
    The 500i worked great. This is my first plasma cutter and my biggest question is why have I never had one before. I had to cut 20 gauge corrugated steel decking for a concrete patio. Each sheet had two cuts, one an angle and the other one was an arc. The 500i cut through the steel like a hot knife in butter. Really nice product.
    By Stephen
    February 9, 2015
    Hobart airforce 500i
    Great plasma cutter. Works perfect. Highly recommend and highly recommend buying from cyber weld. More purchases to come
    ProsLight and nice long torch cable
    By thomas
    mount juliet, tn
    February 2, 2015
    powerful little box
    Prosfirst time to use a plasma cutter- setup was easy and the power was more than expected
    By Fred
    Corning, Iowa
    January 5, 2015
    Looks Well Made
    Good plasma cutter for the money, I like it that it has both 120 and 240 volt plugs.
    lightweight and easy to carry.
    By alexautomechanic
    kernersville nc
    January 3, 2015
    I give 4 stars
    I used for cutt 1/4 inch metal and I like how did it
    ProsThis is my first time and cutts easy
    ConsSome times the flame cutts of probably because I need more experience
    By Walter
    December 5, 2014
    I have used the Hobart Air Force 500i a couple of times since I recently purchased it. I works great. Simple to use.
    By michelle
    November 8, 2014
    Great my husband loves it
    ProsPeople were great
    By Matt
    United States
    April 9, 2014
    hobart plasma cutter
    I haven't used the plasma very much but the times I did it worked great.I cut through 3/16 inch plate steel like butter.
    By Kp92z
    H Tx
    March 26, 2014
    Airforce 500i
    Great price, Fast shipping. Thanks Cyberweld.
    ProsBest all-around price and availability. Dual voltage capable compact footprint
    By Patrick
    Livonia, MI.
    March 12, 2014
    Great product
    I have found this tool lived up to, and exceeded my
    Expectations. I was able to cut 1/2 inch flat stock
    Using the 120 volt set up with no problem! I recommend this to all who desire quality and convenience.
    By Peter
    United States
    January 3, 2014
    Good overall cutter
    Cuts like butter
    ProsExcellent cutting ability
    Consprice point a bit high
    By John
    Charleston wv.
    December 17, 2013
    Nice new addition to my toy collection
    Easy set up works great ! Don't know why I didn't buy sooner makes cutting projects so much easier and neater than the old torch.
    ProsWorth the money
    ConsRequest a different shipping company mine came fedex after being hauled around on their truck for a week it finally showed up
    By Charles
    Grass Valley, CA
    June 26, 2013
    Great price for great equipment
    So far so great! I was cutting within minutes of taking it out of the box. Cut 4x8 20ga sheets so fast I was amazing. Cut some larger (3/8) plate and was very impressed. Very light weight.
    ProsLight weight. Not much set up needed. Nice long cords on the ground and torch.
    ConsDidn't buy it weeks ago....
    By Steve
    Pittsburgh, PA
    May 28, 2013
    Great unit, easy setup
    I'm not a metalworking expert but I know enough and this unit is easy to use right out of the box. Like the option of 220V or 110V. Cuts like a hot knife through butter!
    By barkbuster
    Grand Rapids, Mi
    March 27, 2013
    Hobart 500i plasma cutter
    The order process through cyberweld was easy and it came on time. It is a very compact unit. I have only cut a few pieces so far but 14ga SS was no problem. The only issues is the safety latch on the handle takes a little getting used to and the stand off ring falls off easy.
    ProsCost Compact size
    Conssaftey switch on handle stand off wire ring
    By Dan
    Spokane, WA
    September 10, 2012
    Nice toy!
    I made use of this thing the moment I got it. I can't picture how I would have cut up a 4'x4' piece of 14-gauge steel by hand. This thing sliced it up like butter. There's zero learning curve.

    Already owning a Handler 187 MIG and an EZ-TIG 165, I was surprised at how small and light this unit is. Cute, even! That, along with the dual-voltage option, makes it a joy to carry around. Plus the power cord and wand cord are each 10 feet long, so this thing is very mobile.
    ProsSmall, light, powerful, easy to use.
    ConsNothing so far with the performance. I haven't tried it at its maximum rating yet, but it's been great on everything else so far. Cord management is challenging, but this has nothing to do with the unit itself.
    By Dick
    Sunnyvale, CA
    June 6, 2012
    I like it
    The cutter came without the 110v adapter and wrong manual. An email to Cyberweld got action from the manufacturer (Miller) in 36 hours. Adapter showed up in five days, manual in ten. Only used it for about four days so far and only on steel, but it's doing everything I want with ease. Takes a little skill, but my first cut was near-perfect. A call to the manufacturer warned about using the 110v plug saying it will draw 27amps, much more than regular 20 amp breakers, so haven't even tried the 110v option. Perhaps that's why they didn't ship the adapter in the first place?? Only tried on 1/4 inch to date, but suspect 3/8 will be OK, just pretty slow. Without the shipping errors and the apparent 110v misinformation, would have given it five stars.
    By Louis
    Laredo, Texas
    March 14, 2012
    Great Plasma Cutter
    This plasma cutter is great and easy to use. The prices at Cyber Weld are unbeatable. I will buy again from them.
    Proseasy to use and set up
    Conswish instructions were a little better
    By Robert
    Spring Lake, NC
    March 10, 2012
    Great Cutter
    This is my first plasma cutter and it is awesome. Very user friendly and powerful. Will definitely recommend to friends that likes to work with various metals.
    ProsValue and price. Ease of use even for first time user.
    By Noble
    Houston, Texas
    March 7, 2012
    Purchasing Manager
    Excellent !! Prompt delivery and price was best I could find. Will use Cyberweld for future purchases. Thanks
    ProsGreat performance as manufacturer had presented at their corportate web site.

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    Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter 500565