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Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163

Code: 46163
Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163
Cyberweld Price: $299.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $479.99
You Save:  $180.99
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Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight® II Auto-Darkening Lens 46163

The Jackson Arc Angel TrueSight® II auto-darkening welding helmet now features the unmatched clarity of Balder™ lens technology. With an optical classification of 1/1/1/1, the TrueSight II ADF offers the clearest view of the weld puddle of any welding lens in the world.

The TrueSight II has intuitive digital controls and easy mode selection with larger buttons, that can be used even while wearing welding gloves. 3-N-1 welding lens allows you to choose from shade 9-13 weld mode, shade 5-8 cut mode or shade 3 grind mode. Lens also comes with an industry-best 5 year warranty.

TrueSight II Lens Features
  • Optical Classification 1/1/1/1
  • Variable Shade from 5-8 & 9-13
  • 3.25 inch X 4.00 inch (13.0 square inch) Viewing Area
  • Digital controls (Designed by welders for welders)
  • Weld, Grind & Torch modes ( 3-N-1 welding helmet)
  • Delay & Sensitivity adjustments
  • 4 Arc Sensors
  • TIG rated down to 3 amps
  • Auto-On ADF is always ready to weld
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3 Compliant
  • DIN Plus Certified
  • Built-in mag lens holder
  • 5-year lens warranty

    HALO X Helmet Features
  • Extreme lightweight shell design weighs only 6 oz!
  • Hydraflex shell for the ultimate in flexibility and durability
  • Duralogic high index metallic paint
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design reduces neck tension and fatigue
  • Easily attaches to safety caps for added head protection
  • High impact, sleek, balanced design and weight reduces "top-heavy" effect
  • Comes with Jackson® 370 headgear

    Get a FREE pair of Jackson® Nemesis™ safety glasses with purchase. Expires 12/31/17.

  • Anti-fog lens coating
  • Sleek, sporty style
  • Soft-touch temples
  • Lightweight construction
  • Single lens wrap-around protection
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • Free neck cord included
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+
  • Meets all impact resistance standards.

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    Jackson Welding Helmet - TrueSight External Safety Lens 30320Jackson Welding Helmet - TrueSight External Safety Lens 30320Pkg of 1 - Genuine Jackson External Safety Lens for your Jackson TRUESIGHT® and TrueSight® II auto-darkening welding lenses ONLY.

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    Jackson Welding Helmet - TrueSight Internal Safety Lens 30321Jackson Welding Helmet - TrueSight Internal Safety Lens 30321Pkg of 1 - Genuine Jackson Internal Safety Lens for your Jackson TrueSight® and TrueSight® II auto-darkening welding lenses ONLY.

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    Jackson 370 Headgear 20696Jackson 370 Headgear 20696Jackson 370 Headgear 20696

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Code: 20696


    Jackson Mounting Blade Kit 187-S 15968Jackson Mounting Blade Kit 187-S 15968Jackson 187-S Mounting Blade Kit for mounting Jackson welding helmets to Jackson slotted (SC6) hard hats.

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    11 Questions & 11 Answers
    from Plymouth, Michigan asked:
    September 25, 2017
    Can you fit a breathing mask under this helmet?
    1 Answers
    Jackson Welding Helmet -Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163 has a favorable amount of room underneath. The most popular respirator is the Miller LPR-100 Half Mask Respirator ML00894 and is very favorable in size.
    Customer Service
    on September 28, 2017

    from Manitowoc WI asked:
    October 18, 2016
    I own this helmet and love it but i have damaged the helmet but not the lens, can i purchase just the helmet with out the lens?
    1 Answers
    We do not offer a replacement helmet shell for the Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 30316. However we do offer Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel Passive Lens 24738. This helmet uses the same helmet shell but has a standard non auto darkening lens. You could purchase this helmet and simply remove the standard lens and install your auto darkening lens
    Customer Service
    on October 19, 2016

    from Orlando, Florida asked:
    August 9, 2015
    How do I go about having another ADF sent to me? This one refuses to turn on right out of the box, even with new batteries and conections cleaned? Not sure how I got a malfunctioning ADF, but would like this resolved in a timely manner please.
    1 Answers
    Jackson handles all questions about product malfunctions directly with the customer.. You need to call them at 800-253-7281 choose option #1
    Customer Service
    on August 10, 2015

    dalton r whitson
    from tennessee asked:
    April 12, 2015
    does this helmet come with the new 370 headgear
    1 Answers
    The Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30316 comes with the latest 370 headgear
    Customer Service
    on April 13, 2015

    from Darlington, South Carolina asked:
    April 24, 2014
    Will a Miller cool band fit this helmet?
    1 Answers
    The Miller Coolband is designed to work only with Miller welding helmets
    Customer Service
    on April 28, 2014

    rick ashburn
    from newark ohio asked:
    November 22, 2013
    are the made in the USA
    1 Answers
    The Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30316 is made in the USA
    Customer Service
    on November 26, 2013

    from toledo, ohio asked:
    November 16, 2013
    What batteries does this hood actually use? The product description says AAA. But a customer service response stated cr2450...
    1 Answers
    The Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30316 uses two AAA batteries
    Customer Service
    on November 18, 2013

    Bruce H
    from Wolfforth Tx 79382 asked:
    July 21, 2013
    how long does the warranty last ? It eats a set of batteries up every day !
    1 Answers
    Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30316 has a two year warranty. Jackson handles warranty issues directly and can be reached at 1-800-428-8185.
    Customer Service
    on July 22, 2013

    from Atlanta, GA asked:
    April 21, 2013
    What magnifying lens is used with this hood?
    1 Answers
    We do not offer a magnifying lens for the Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30316.. The Truesight lenses require a mag lens that is a little thicker than the Miller type we sell.. If you install one of the Miller mag lenses in a Truesight it has a tendency to slide around in the mag lens holder..What some people have done to remedy this problem is to put a piece of tape on the ends for the Miller lenses and this extra thickness seems to eliminate the problem
    Customer Service
    on April 23, 2013

    from Tupelo asked:
    November 20, 2012
    Do you have to turn this helmet on or does it come on automatically with the arc?
    1 Answers
    When using the Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30316 you must initially turn the lens on by pressing the on button. Once it is on the lens will automatically darken when it detects a welding arc
    Customer Service
    on November 20, 2012

    Autrey K. O
    from Fayetteville, Ga asked:
    August 5, 2012
    Can i use Lithium batteries in ths helmet ? Is the pin up girl on both sides or just one side? What kind of head band comes with this helmet?
    1 Answers
    The Jackson Welding Helmets with the Truesight Auto-Darkening lens use CR2450 lithium batteries. The design is on both sides of the helmet and it has the 370 headgear in it.
    Customer Service
    on August 7, 2012

    18 Reviews
    72% (13)
    22% (4)
    6% (1)
    0% (0)
    0% (0)
    94% Recommend this product (17 of 18 responses)
    By Jake
    May 3, 2017
    Very nice helmet
    Works great and is lightweight
    By Dean S.
    Millburg, Michigan
    December 9, 2015
    Great Filtering Lens
    The Helmet Is awesome, top notch, love the Auto Darkening Lens. A great looking helmet as well. Very Satisfied. The only Drawback i see with it is that the helmet itself is made of very Pliable plastic material and seems to be flimsy. Other than that I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality helmet.
    By Paul
    October 4, 2015
    So far all is good only used couple times. Head gear has to be tightened up every so often. It's nice to have a flexible hood fits in welding bag with no fighting. You can wear it all day and don't hurt your neck.
    ProsLight weight. Flexible
    ConsHead gear
    By Tony F
    Maricopa, Arizona
    July 20, 2015
    I love this mask
    Now, I'm not a professional welder; more of a hobbyist. I make everything from yard art to full exo-cages for jeeps. I'm thoroughly impressed with this helmet. The blue lens makes a big difference is referencing your puddle, the steel around it, and your path. The features are easy to use, plentiful, and useful. You can really tailor this helmet for exactly what you want. the headgear is solid, the adjustability amazing, and the whole package is nicely balanced. I've heard some people complain over the flexibility of the helmet itself, but I like that I can squeeze into a tight place, versus a completely rigid design. There is no structural compromise and nothing feels cheap or shortcutted in the build. The viewing area is second to none, the switch to tint is 1:25000, 2 1/2 times faster than my last helmet. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with this purchase. To me (and I'm not a rich guy with his own shop or anything like that), it was well worth the money. I'm pretty sure this is the top of the food chain here. I hope this review helps. Remember, the Truesight II, not just the Truesight :D
    ProsClear optics, sturdy adjustable headgear, large view, fast switching, tailor to your needs, flexible mask, Grind mode, torch mode, 9-13 weld mode
    ConsThis is a stretch based on all you get.... but price.
    By chris
    July 12, 2015
    Jackson arc angel
    I purchased this shield for mig welding I love it its comfortable and has good field of view I found the lenses set up quick and easy no complaints from the shield except the guy wearing it keeps forgetting to turn it on at the start of the day
    By Will
    January 5, 2015
    Fantastic, exceeds my expectations!
    Although I haven't been able to put it to a long welding test yet the little bit that I have been able to use the hood it is actually better than my gold lense that I have used for over 30 yrs!
    By jeff
    albia iowa
    December 19, 2014
    pro welder
    So far so good . I don't like the front face it had no guard to protect the clear lens when you set on face but other than that I'm happy . ..
    By Rey
    Highland, IN
    November 27, 2014
    Great Helmet!
    Love this helmet, it has a nice large viewing screen. Very lightweight .
    By Derick
    eugene or
    January 12, 2014
    love this hood
    I have been using this hood for about 6 months. I have used it for flux core and hard wire applications. I have also used it for tig and plama cutting. It has been great. The only thing I have bad to say about it is the headgear isn't that good the locks that hold it up don't work very well. Also if you flip the hood down alot during the day the batteries move and the lens will turn off. Other than those few things I love this hood and lens.
    By paul
    nashville tn
    December 30, 2013
    nice helmet
    love the helmet the price was great. It replaces my miller elite joker series.
    Proslight weight large viewing area easy to use controls
    Consit replaces my miller the jackson on the chin does not come down far enough you get a lot of neck burn plus i can still see flash from under my helmet
    By Paul R
    Grand Rapids, MI
    December 10, 2013
    Top notch
    View is amazing. And I love the Amber lens
    By Roddy
    Lubbock, Texas
    October 21, 2013
    Excellent, but...
    This is a great, versitile helmet. Great vision, good adjustable headband. Controls easy to view and set. The only problem for me is the cutting control is not auto darkening. The weld control auto-darkens between 9 and 13. On the cutting control, you manually set between 5,6,7,or 8. I chose this helmut to do a lot of arc cutting and thought the auto-darkening would work in either mode. Disapointed, but will probably keep the helmet anyway.
    ProsGreat vision very adjustable headband
    ConsNot auto-darkening in cut mode
    By Shawn
    L Land Florida
    April 28, 2013
    Rock star awesome
    Fast and furious !
    By Bonnie
    north central Nebraksa
    December 29, 2012
    First hekmet to fit our son correctly!!!!
    Our son is a diabetic and has a hard time finding the correct welding helmet. I discovered this site by accident one day and he chose this helmet. I figured it would be like the others we have tried to purchase--they would need to be returned. NOT so with this helmet! It fits comfortably and gives excellent protection! Finally a helmet he can wear and protect his eyes! Now to get him out of the shop!
    ProsProper fit; ease of understanding the buttons, etc; works well with a diabetic; super price!!!
    Constook me long enough to stumble on this website!
    By Jason
    Coarsegold, CA
    September 17, 2012
    Truesight Lens
    The view area and clarity is amazing on this lens. WAY better than my NexGen. The new button configuration is also much more user friendly with gloves on.
    ProsView area, clarity, and buttons
    ConsHeadgear takes a while to adjust correctly.
    By danielle
    Port Huron, Michigan
    August 19, 2012
    the hood is decent but i've had it 2 weeks and its malfunctioned twice already and front lense seems to need to be changed more often than others
    By Todd
    July 3, 2012
    Best helmet I've ever had
    This replaced a first generation Miller Elite which I like but found to be finicky which made it hard at times to see the weld. The amber lens on this helmet is real nice and the controls are fantastic. Great helmet and the price can't be beat right now.
    ProsVisibility is outstanding
    ConsTake you time with all of the head band adjustments. At first I felt the helmet didn't fit right, but it turns out there are adjustments that will help. The documentation was sparse.
    By Josh
    Burwell NE
    May 3, 2012
    very nice Hood
    I work on pivot systems, so I weld in a wide range of positions (standing kneeling, laying down and sometimes upside down), places(shop, outside, in a trench), and lights(inside, outside, morning, noon and night). the buttons are nice and big so you can a change settings without removing your gloves. The larger viewing window make it easier to weld in more positions because now you don't have to get in just the right position to see your work. and the hood it self is made for more of a (almost rubber like material) making it flexible, more comfortable to wear and less likely to break. and the pin up girl on the side gets lots of complements. lol
    ProsBig Buttons Large viewing screen Softer plastic
    ConsPrice (but in the blue collar trade you get what you pay for)

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    Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163
    Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163
    Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163Jackson Welding Helmet - Arc Angel TrueSight II Lens 46163