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Miller ArcStation Workbench


Genuine Miller replacement parts and accessories for your Miller ArcStation™ workbench.


104 Reviews
Mfg Industrial Price: $435.00
Cyberweld Price: $356.00
The Miller ArcStation™ 30FX is the ideal work surface for the welder who requires portability and space savings.
9 Reviews
Mfg Industrial Price: $2,719.00
Cyberweld Price: $2,225.00
Fully loaded ArcStation comes complete with every accessory needed to make this the ultimate welding station.

Miller ArcStation Workbench

The Miller® ArcStation™ is the first ever, all-in-one workstation designed exclusively for welding and metalworking. It is versatile. It is affordable. The ArcStation is available in 30" X 30" portable model or 30" x 60" fixed frame model with available caster wheels. You can also customize your workbench with a wide range of handy accessories.

The Miller ArcStation™ 30FX welding table is perfect for the home or small shop where space is an issue. The 30FX gives you the flexibilty of a sturdy, industrial welding surface that folds up out of the way.

Whether for the home shop or the fab shop, ArcStation™ the answer you've been looking for.

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