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Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668

Code: 951668
Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668
Cyberweld Price: $6,135.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $7,777.00
(You Save:  $1,642.00)

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Miller Dynasty® 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668

Miller Dynasty® 210 DX Complete with foot control is an advanced water-cooled, 210 amp TIG welding package that includes everything you need to start welding (except welding wire and shielding gas cylinder). The package features the Dynasty 210 DX CPS, which is an advanced AC/DC TIG welder that comes complete with the Miller Coolmate™ 1.3 water cooler. It is capable of AC and DC pulsed TIG welding and features extended AC TIG frequency controls and allows the operator to choose between four different advanced TIG arc waveforms. The Dynasty 210 DX CPS can weld up to 1/4 inch thick aluminum and 1/4 inch thick steel. The 210's inverter design makes this welder compact and lightweight (only 50 pounds). It comes complete with a memory card expansion slot for maximum flexibility and expand-ability.

Miller's Autoline™ automatic input voltage sensing allows the Dynasty 210 DX Complete to be hooked up to 120 volt to 480 volt, single phase or three phase, input power without manual linking. The 210 DX CPS TIG welder offers full AC features, including advanced waveforms and wide ranges of balance and frequency controls.

  • Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P) DC
  • Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P) AC
  • Stick (SMAW) DC
  • Stick (SMAW) AC

    Aluminum Welding
    Pipe Fabrication

  • Update and expand. Front panel memory card data port provides the ability to easily update software and expand product features.
  • Pro-Set™ eliminates the guesswork when setting weld parameters. Use Pro-Set when you want the speed, convenience and confidence of preset controls. Simply select the feature and adjust until Pro-Set appears on the display.
  • Sleep timer conserves electricity. This programmable feature will power down the machine if it sits idle for a specified time.
  • Meter calibration allows digital meters to be calibrated for certification.
  • Cooler Power Supply (CPS) is an integrated 120-volt dedicated-use receptacle for the Coolmate™ 1.3 water cooler.
  • Cooler-On-Demand™ feature operates the auxiliary cooling system only when needed, reducing noise, energy use, and airborne contaminants pulled through the cooler.
  • Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system only operates when needed.
  • Auto-Line™ provides state-of-the-art flexibility by automatically connecting to 120-460 VAC, single- or three- phase power without removing the covers to re-link the power source. No longer is there a concern if you have the correct machine for the shop or the job site.
  • Lift-Arc™ start provides TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology™ is an internal air flow that protects electrical components and PC boards from dirt, dust, and debris, greatly improving reliability.
  • LVC™ Line Voltage Compensation Keeps output of the power source constant regardless of fluctuation in input power +/- 10%.
  • Squarewave technology is the AC output of a power source that has the ability to rapidly switch between the positive and negative half cycles of alternating current.
  • Thermal Overload Protection - Internal components are protected from damage by thermal overload protection which automatically shuts down the unit if duty cycle is exceeded or air flow and cooling are restricted.

    AC TIG Features
  • Blue Lightning™ - High Frequency Arc Starter for non-contact arc initiation. More consistent arc starts compared to traditional HF arc starters. Greater reliability and no maintenance on solid state components. Preset parameters for tungsten sizes from .020 - 1/8 inch provide optimized starting for applications from thick to micro thin material. For unique applications, custom settings are programmable.
  • Extended AC Balance (50-99%) controls the amount of oxide cleaning (amperage time in EN) which is essential for high quality welds on aluminum.
  • AC frequency (20-400 hz) controls the width of the arc cone and the force of the arc.
  • Advanced AC Waveforms

    DC TIG Features
  • Exceptionally smooth and precise arc for welding exotic materials.

    Stick Features (AC/DC)
  • DIG control allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications and electrodes. Lower the DIG setting for smooth running electrodes like E7018 and increase the DIG setting for stiffer, more penetrating electrodes like E6010.
  • Hot Start™ adaptive control provides positive arc starts without sticking.
  • AC frequency control adds stability for smoother welds when AC Stick welding.
  • Stick-Stuck detects if the electrode is stuck to the part and turns the welding output off to safely and easily remove the electrode. Menu selectable.

    Comes complete with
  • Dynasty® 210 DX CPS TIG Welder
  • Cooler Power Supply dedicated use receptacle for Coolmate™ 1.3
  • Quick Reference Guide (English)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 8 ft (2.4 m) primary cord
  • Coolmate™ 1.3 water cooler #300 972
  • Coolant (4 one-gallon bottles of #043 810)
  • Small runner cart #300 988
  • Remote foot control
  • Weldcraft® W-250 (WP-20) torch kit #300185. Kit comes with 25-foot (7.6 m) TIG torch with Dinse adapter, torch cable cover, work clamp with 15-foot (4.6 m) cable, Miller | Smith® regulator/flowmeter with gas hose and torch accessory kit (1/16-, 3/32- and 1/8-inch 2% ceriated tungsten, shielding cups, collets and collet bodies)
  • FREE Miller® Digital Infinity™ auto-darkening welding hood. Helmet ships with order.

    Get a FREE Miller® Infinity™ auto-darkening welding helmet ($376 MSRP Value) with purchase of a Miller Dynasty™ 210 TIG welder. Expires 3/31/20. (No substitutions allowed.)

    Digital Infinity™ Features
  • ClearLight™ lens technology optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states - reducing eye strain and operator fatigue
  • 13.4 sq. in. viewing area provides the largest view in the industry
  • InfoTrack® features arc time tracking, time and timer functions, and a multi-language help menu.
  • Four arc sensors for superior lens response
  • Four Operating Modes - Weld, Cut, Grind, and X-Mode
  • Digital controls allow user to easily adjust mode and settings
  • Auto-On/Off power control triggers lens at the strike of an arc
  • Redesigned headgear with oversized comfort cushion provides extensive adjustability, settings, and enhanced support.

    Digital Infinity™ Specs

    Comes complete with
  • 5 outside cover lenses
  • 2 inside cover lenses
  • Mag lens holder
  • Helmet bag
  • Three year lens warranty

    This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

  • Download Dynasty 210 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    Download Dynasty 210 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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    10 Questions & 10 Answers
    from OR asked:
    February 11, 2020
    Can I use the wireless foot pedal on my Dynasty 200 DX?
    1 Answer
    Miller advises that the Miller Wireless Foot Control System 300429 will work on a Dynasty 200 DX.
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on February 12, 2020

    from Cape Coral Florida asked:
    September 17, 2018
    What air cooled torch will work with the Dynasty 210dx ?
    1 Answer
    To use an air cooled tig torch on the Dynasty 2102dx, you would need a 17 series tig torch and Miller TIG Torch Power Adapter - Solid 50mm DINSE 195378
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on September 19, 2018

    from California asked:
    June 23, 2018
    What size breaker do I need for this in my electrical panel to run this I have 30 amp
    1 Answer
    Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668 would require: Single phase: 120v 40 amp breaker 208/240 50 amp breaker 400/480 20 amp breaker 3 phase: 208/240 25 amp breaker 400/480 10 amp breaker
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on June 25, 2018

    from Rhode Island asked:
    April 18, 2018
    Is this item 951668 the CPS version? im assuming it is since its a package but want to be sure before ordering.
    1 Answer
    Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668 has the DynastyŽ 210 DX CPS TIG Welder Cooler Power Supply dedicated use receptacle for Coolmate™ 1.3
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on April 20, 2018

    from Texas asked:
    April 17, 2018
    Is the cooling unit connected to the machine so that when you turn the machine on the cooling unit also comes on?
    1 Answer
    Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668 can programmed to "on" which will run the cooler as soon as the machine is turned on. It can also be programmed to "auto" to have the cooler run as soon as arc is initiated.
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on April 18, 2018

    from Redwood City asked:
    January 18, 2017
    Is this welder is 110 volt the whole welder? or just the water cooler unit? Thanks
    1 Answer
    the Dynasty 210 DX Complete can be hooked up to 120 volt to 480 volt, single phase or three phase, input power.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 18, 2017

    from Denver, Colorado asked:
    February 11, 2016
    How can you offer such a huge discount to customers?
    1 Answer
    We can sell Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668 as well as most Miller products at the prices that we do because we are a large Miller distributor and do a large volume with Miller
    Submitted by: Customer Service on February 11, 2016

    from norco la. 70079 asked:
    February 1, 2016
    can you run this unit on 220v
    1 Answer
    The Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668 can run on 220 volt
    Submitted by: Customer Service on February 2, 2016

    from Riverside, California asked:
    December 29, 2015
    Product includes foot control 951668. it also has a bonus offer of including wireless foot control 951669. So it includes both 951668 and 951669?
    1 Answer
    The Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control bonus offer gives you the choice of the standard wired foot control OR the wireless foot control.. When you order Dynasty 210 DX package you will automatically receive the machine with the wireless foot control.. If you do not want the wireless foot control but would prefer the wired foot control you will need to add a note in the comment section of your order indicating that you do not want the wireless foot control and would prefer the wired version.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 4, 2016

    from Glens falls, ny asked:
    December 23, 2015
    does this come with a stick setup also?
    1 Answer
    The Miller Dynasty 210 DX Complete With Foot Control 951668 does not come with a stick electrode holder and cable. We do offer the Tweco Electrode Holder & Cable Assembly - No. 2, 13 ft. WS200E13 that is compatible with the 210 DX
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 4, 2016

    Review Summary
    7 Reviews
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    0% (0)
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    100% Recommend this product (7 of 7 responses)
    By KL
    Everything you need
    October 18, 2019
    I assumed it was going to arrive in a bunch of boxes, nope, this arrives completely assembled. Just add a plug on the end of the power cable.

    It's a very compact unit, the whole thing is a little smaller than my Miller 251 MIG.

    Waiting on a bottle, so haven't done anything other than cycling the coolant yet.
    ProsIt's a Miller
    ConsHaven't welded with it yet but, I don't expect any cons.
    By Ray G.
    Deer Park, NY
    Miller Dynasty 210 DX
    September 4, 2019
    Bought this about a year ago.
    My guys were a little hesitant at first but all 5 of them now want one of these.
    Some guys have never welded and are now using it to tack weld parts together.
    I am buying a second.
    By Carl
    Scarborough, Maine
    Miller Dynasty 210 DX with Cooling System
    March 16, 2018
    This is a really top-of-the-line TIG welder. There are so many options to choose. I doubt that I will ever be able to use all of them. It will certainly satisfy my requirements for the rest of my life.
    ProsThe welder has options for Stick and TIG. At this point, I am better at stick welding than I am with TIG. It will take me a long time to be proficient with this welder. I bought the best TIG welder that I could afford, I did not want to buy another welder because I wanted more options. This one has every imaginable option available for a complete array of metals that I will ever weld.
    ConsI bought the kit that included all the options for the Dynasty 210 DX. This included the cooling unit. I will probably never use the cooling unit because the maximum output amperage of unit is 210 Amperes. The recommendation is to use an air-cooled torch from 10 to 200 Amperes, and use a water-cooled torch when the output is more than 200 Amperes. That means that for 95% of the time when there is a uniform distribution of possible current outputs for various jobs, an air-cooled torch would be used. The torch that comes with the unit is water-cooled to go with the water cooler unit. This means that you have to buy another expensive, optional air-cooled torch that will do most of your welding. Do an analysis of what projects you have to weld and the output current needed. You could save some money by not buying a cooling unit and water-cooled torch.
    By Steele
    Legit straight forward deal.
    December 23, 2017
    Could not be happier with my miller 210 dx. The no hassle deals that Cyberweld offers is 2nd to none. Thanks again for the fast shipping!
    Pros5 star quality with miller.
    By Jason
    Herald, CA
    Great Unit
    March 2, 2017
    Easy to set up. Welds like a dream. Short of argon and filler material its ready to go out of the box with very minimal assembly needed. Already been knocking out projects with it.
    ProsTorch cooler, simple to use PRO sets, availability to fine tune as much as you want. Love how the power source and cooler are mounted solidly to the cart and each other, the older Dynasty 200dx was kinda chinsy, with the power source just stacked on the cooler and held to the cart with a strap.
    By Steve
    Titusville, Florida
    Easy fast service, packaged well
    November 23, 2016
    Pricey but functions as advertised one of the best welders ever used operational instructions a little confusing but will figure it out. So far completely satisfied. Cyberweld definitely has it together.
    ProsGreat welder
    ConsOperational instructions somewhat confusing
    By Michael K.
    Algoma, Wisconsin
    Miller dynasty 210 DX complete with foot control 951668
    August 24, 2016
    Very nice machine I am starting a welding business and this will be a very nice addition to my shop. CyberWeld did a very good job of taking care of me and it shipped really fast. I added the wireless remote which is a great addition.
    ProsThis machine does a really nice job I am a little old school where you just turn on the welder and weld this machine does that too but has so many individual settings that you can use that once I figure it all out will be great. The cooled torch is something I will really like.
    ConsDidn't have any yet.