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Spot Welders


Miller Spot Welder Tongs & Tips (Air-Cooled)
Genuine Miller® replacement spot welder air-cooled tongs and tips for your Miller® or Hobart® spot welder.


Miller Tip Dresser 040228
Mfg Industrial Price: $296.52
Cyberweld Price: $259.45
Miller Tip Dresser 040228 - For Miller pointed spot welding tips (#4 and #5RW electrodes)
Miller Gyro Bail 041979
1 Review
Mfg Industrial Price: $592.17
Cyberweld Price: $518.15
Miller Gyro Bail 041979
Miller Gyro Bail supports the weight of your Miller MSW or LMSW Spot Welder.
Spot Welders

Spot Welders

Spot welding is the most commonly used form of resistance welding. Light-industrial spot welders use Miller's versatile line of productive, high-quality equipment. Each product offers built-in features and rugged construction that deliver productivity.

Models include both air and water-cooled portable welders, as well as water-cooled stationary models. Like all Miller equipment, Miller spot welders and their accessories are built tough to deliver smooth, reliable performance.

Note: Not recommended for welding aluminum, copper or copper alloys.