Miller Argon/CO2 Gas Mixer 299-006-1C

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Gas Service:Argon/CO2

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Miller® Miller Argon/CO2 Gas Mixer 299-006-1C

The Miller® Argon/CO2 two-gas mixer is ideal for the precise blending of MIG and TIG shielding gas. The single mixing control knob allows the user to quickly set exact percentages +/-2% of argon and carbon dioxide shielding gas to match your particular welding application.

The Miller two-gas mixer supplies flow rates up to 180 SCFH. The unit comes factory set for Argon/CO2 shielding gas but can be used to mix Argon/Helium, Argon/Oxygen and CO2/Oxygen. Convenient chart on top provides proper settings for these gas mixtures.

  • Weld and purge with a variety of gases
  • Accurate TIG and MIG weld shielding
  • Mixed gases for the foundry industry
  • Accurate mixing of gases for the aerospace industry
  • Laboratory applications
  • Gas mixtures for plasma arc cutting machines
  • Controlling the atmosphere in heat treat ovens
  • Mixtures are maintained with any selection
  • Mixture accuracy is unaffected when inlet pressure remains within specified limits
  • Reduced set-up time eliminates the need for premixed gases
  • Easy operation, training and supervision
  • Requires no electricity

  • Eliminates stocking and handling premixed gases - Various welding jobs require different mixes for the best performance. On-site mixing of gases with Miller proportional gas mixers eliminates inventorying and handling of costly pre-mixed gases. Individual gases can be mixed for specific welding or other industrial requirements resulting in improved performance. Controlling the mixture of gases will result in lower cost and better controlled welds.
  • Reduces Set-up Time - No need to change cylinders, regulators, flowmeters or hoses when changing from one range of mixed gas to another. Just turn the dial for whatever mixture you need. No critical adjustment of flowmeters or complex calculations needed to achieve proper mixture rates.
  • Accurate, no Gas Separation! - Premixed gases may separate (stratify) into the individual gases within the cylinder. The Miller proportional gas mixer eliminates gas stratification to always give you an accurate mixture.
  • Easy Operation, Training & Supervision in Welding Applications - Whether you are using a single welder or a manifold system supplying many welders, operation is simple and easy to use. Ideal for training all personnel regarding shielded gas mixtures because they can see the effect of various gas mixtures on weld appearance, quality and penetration. Supervisors can easily note at a glance if the operator is using specified gas mixture.
  • Provides flows up to 180 SCFH and is suitable for most applications.


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