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Welding Helmets


Get up to a $250 Cash Rebate from Miller PLUS Get a FREE pair of Miller® Safety Glasses AND 2 FREE Disposable Welding Respirators ($14.25 MSRP value) with purchase of select Miller® welding helmets. Expires 12/31/19 Discounted Miller Digital Infinity™, Digital Elite™, T94™, Digital Performance™ and Classic™ series auto darkening welding helmets.
Get a FREE Optrel® Duffel Bag ($34.00 MSRP value) with purchase of select welding helmets. Expires 12/31/19 Optrel® auto-darkening welding helmets are made in Switzerland and deliver Swiss-made precision and reliability.
Inventory clearance price on select Hobart® welding helmet models. While supplies last Hobart® welding helmets represent style, performance and value in a complete line of auto-darkening welding filters.
Jackson auto-darkening welding hoods feature NexGen, TrueSight II, Insight or Balder welding lenses.
Get a FREE Welder's Tool Bag ($59.60 MSRP value) with purchase of a Sentinel A50 welding helmet. Expires 12/31/19 ESAB® welding helmets, welding clothing and gloves are designed with the professional welder in mind.
3M™ Speedglas™ is the worldwide leader in technology and quality in the auto-darkening welding helmet field.
Fibre-Metal® welding helmets feature rugged construction, meeting the needs of the most demanding welding environments.
Miller Weld-Mask™ Series auto-darkening welding goggles provide a lightweight, slim alternative to traditional welding helmets.
Miller®, and Optrel™ Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

Welding Helmets

Welding safety begins with your welding helmet. Miller, Hobart, 3M Speedglas, Jackson and Fibre Metal welding helmet brands brands stand for leading edge welding safety and technology.

Miller Performance and Elite series welding helmets offer exceptional features, superior product warranty and outstanding graphics at a surprisingly affordable price. Hobart welding helmets represent style, performance and value in a complete line of auto-darkening welding helmets.

Jackson Truesight™ and Insight™ auto-darkening welding helmets and lenses offer advanced features at an economical price. Jackson Balder® helmets and lenses provide unrivaled clarity and come with a 5 year lens warranty.

Speedglas has combined unsurpassed industrial quality and innovation to become the recognized world-wide leader in auto-dark welding helmet technology. When it comes to providing superior protection and durability, Jackson Products sets the standard in welding helmet and welding related eye ware.

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