Diamond Ground Tri-Mix Tungsten Stinger Electrode TM06-1500-01-D

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Diamond Ground Tri-Mix™ Tungsten Stinger Electrode TM06-1500-01-D

Package of 10 - Diamond Ground 1.5 inch long, 1/16 diameter Tri-Mix™ tungsten stinger electrode is pre-ground on both ends to save time and money in your TIG welding operation. There is no need to measure, cut and then grind these stinger electrodes to a point. They come right out of the package ready to weld. Each Tri-Mix tungsten stinger electrode is pre-ground to a 20 degree taper and a .010 tip. Once one end of the electrode is worn or contaminated, simply turn it around for a new clean, sharp tip. Once both tips of the electrode are used up, simply throw it away. Pre-ground tungsten electrodes eliminate the shop hazards that are inherent in grinding operations, such as tungsten dust.

Tri-Mix tungsten is non-radioactive and combines the best of all alloying oxides and provides excellent arc stability in AC or DC welding. The three oxide blend in Tri-Mix tungsten promotes migration and evaporation rates that result in extended tungsten life and improved weld quality. It is the best alternative to 2% thoriated tungsten, which is radioactive.

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Diamond Ground Arc Saber Tungsten Storage Tube - Short

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Diamond Ground 5.1 inch Arc Saber is a tungsten electrode storage container that holds up to thirty four 3/32 diameter tungsten welding electrodes.