Curve-O-Mark 179GG Wrap-A-Round 14767

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Curve-O-Mark® 179GG Wrap-A-Round® 14767

Genuine Contour® Curve-O-Mark® 179GG Wrap-A-Round® is an inexpensive tool for marking straight lines on up to 16 inch O.D. pipe prior to welding or cutting. The Curve-O-Mark® 179GG can also be used as a straight edge.

Contour® Wrap-A-Rounds® are made out of flexible gasket material, with good resistance to heat and cold. The GG (Gray) material is used for high temperature applications up to 550 degrees.

  • 5" X 9'
  • Suitable for 6" to 16" O.D. pipe
  • Printed with metric scale, scale in inches, pitch chart, tangent chart and other useful markings.

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