Weldcraft Gas Lens TIG Torch Accessory Kit AK3GL

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Weldcraft® Gas Lens TIG Torch Accessory Kit AK3GL

Genuine Weldcraft® AK3GL Gas Lens TIG torch accessory kit for your water-cooled 18 series and air-cooled 26 series Weldcraft TIG torches. Gas lenses significantly reduce shielding gas turbulence within the weld puddle, producing higher quality TIG welds. Gas lenses also lower shielding gas costs by more evenly distributing shielding gas throughout the welding zone at lower flow rates. AK3GL comes complete with back cap, collets, gas lenses, alumina gas lens nozzles, nozzle insulators and ceriated tungsten electrode.

AK3GL (For use with 18, 26, W-350, W-410 and A-200 series torches)
  • 1 Short back cap (57Y04)
  • 3 Collets, 1/16 (10N23), 3/32 (10N24) & 1/8" (10N25)
  • 3 Gas lenses, 1/16 (45V25), 3/32 (45V26) & 1/8" (45V27)
  • 3 Alumina gas lens nozzles, #6 (54N16), #7 (54N15), #8 (54N14)
  • 3 Gas lens nozzle insulators (54N01)
  • 3 Ceriated Tungsten Electrode, 1/16, 3/32 & 1/8 X 7"