Weiler Roughneck Jr. Stringer Bead Wheel - 4-1/2" Steel 13232

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Cyberweld Price $21.71
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Weiler® Roughneck® Jr. Stringer Bead Wheel - 4-1/2" Steel .020 with 5/8-11 Hub 13232

Genuine Weiler® Roughneck® #13232 four and a half inch stringer bead wheel features .020 steel twist wire and 5/8"-11 hub. It is excellent for cleaning root pass and hot pass welds and reaching into corners.

5/8"-11 nut for use on right angle grinders

  • The standard for high performance weld cleaning brushes
  • Narrow face brushes are suitable for cleaning root and hot passes and reaching into corners
  • Wider face wheels can be used for cleaning filler and cap passes as well as for other surface prep and cleaning applications
  • Improved feel and comfort during use makes brush operation effortless
  • Stronger, sharper wire delivers consistency and performance you can count on
  • Unmatched cleaning power compared to competitors
  • The operator can apply less pressure to clean, letting the wire do the work