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Gas Regulators


Harris® has been manufacturing quality gas regulation equipment for over 100 years.
Harris® specialty gas regulators are designed to provide reliable, high purity gas delivery for laboratory, biotech and pharmaceutical applications.
A complete line of versatile gas regulators for welding, cutting, heating, purging and other industrial applications.
Smith® High Purity Gas Regulators - Typical applications include gas management of analytical instrumentation, chromatographic carrier gas, and process gas regulation.
Smith® Flowmeters & Flowgauges represent quality and precision in shielding gas control for MIG welding and TIG welding.
Genuine Victor® gas regulators represent the finest in gas pressure control devices.
Smith® and Harris® nitrogen purging regulators offer up to 800 PSIG of working pressure and are iedeal for safely pressure testing and blowing out HVAC lines with environmentally safe nitrogen gas.
Miller® Gas Mixers - proportional gas mixers for welding and other industrial applications.

Gas Regulators

Cyberweld offers only brand name Smith®, Victor® and Harris® gas regulators. Products include: industrial cutting and welding regulators, high pressure gas regulators and specialty gas regulators.

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