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Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001

Code: 500554001
Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Cyberweld Price: $815.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $1,048.00
You Save:  $233.00
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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Hobart Handler® 190 w/SpoolRunner™ 100 Spool Gun Welder Package 500554001

The new Hobart Handler® 190 MIG welder is spool gun ready with the INCLUDED SpoolRunner™ 100 spool gun. Now welders will have a lost cost option to weld aluminum with a small frame MIG welder from Hobart.

Powerful and portable, the Handler® 190 MIG welder delivers 190 amps of MIG welding power in a small package. It is capable of welding 24 gauge to 5/16 steel and handles a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Operating on 230 volt input power, this wire welder includes everything you need to weld with flux cored self-shielding wire (great for outdoor welding projects) or solid wire (just add preferred wire and shielding gas.)

The Handler® 190 features a 7-position voltage. These added settings create a welding arc that more perfectly matches metal thickness and wire diameter than any competitor in its class. The improved arc means less spatter, professional bead appearance, excellent penetration and minimal post-weld cleanup.

Convenience features include internal storage area for spare tips and a "no tools" quick-change drive roll system with dual grooves to make changing wire diameter easy. A self-resetting thermal overload system protects the Handler 190 in the toughest welding applications.

Auto Body

  • 7 voltage selections, enhanced magnetics and infinite wire feed speed control offers easier fine control of the output parameters for improved arc performance with less spatter for a better bead appearance and less cleanup
  • Welds 24 gauge up to 5/16 inch steel
  • Spool gun control circuitry is built-in to the Handler® 190 for the optional SpoolRunner™ 100 direct plug-in spool gun. Alleviates feeding problems with soft aluminum wires. Also useable with mild or stainless steel welding wires.
  • Proven built-in wire feeder with quick-release drive roll lever
  • Built-in contactor eases use and is an excellent safety feature which makes wire electrically "cold" when not welding
  • Easy access to polarity changeover includes storage holes for spare tips
  • Dual groove drive rolls make it easy to switch between .023/.025 in. (0.6 mm) and .030 - .035 in. (0.8 - 0.9 mm) wire
  • Self-resetting thermal overload and motor protection

    Hobart Handler® 190 Specs

    SpoolRunner™ 100 Spool Gun Specs

    Comes complete with:
  • Hobart Handler® 190 MIG Welder
  • SpoolRunner™ 100 spool gun w/10 ft. leads
  • Comfortable 10 ft. (3 m) H100S2-10 MIG welding gun
  • Built-in gas valve
  • Dual gauge regulator and gas hose
  • Power cord with plug
  • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp
  • Sample spool of .030 in. (0.8 mm) self-shielded flux cored welding wire
  • 8 in (203 mm) wire spool adapter
  • Extra .030 in. (0.8 mm) contact tips
  • Weld set-up and parts information chart

    This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

  • Download Handler 190 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    Download Handler 190 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

    Download SpoolRunner 100 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    Download SpoolRunner 100 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
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    14 Questions & 15 Answers
    from Baton Rouge, La asked:
    May 9, 2017
    Can this Hobart use the Miller 150 gun for aluminum.
    1 Answer
    Miller advises that you cannot use the Miller Spoolmate 150 on the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 as the pin connections are different.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on May 10, 2017

    Mike Frasca
    from MA asked:
    October 9, 2016
    Will this welder handle a 33lb spool of .035 wire?
    1 Answer
    You cannot use a 33 lb spool of wire in a Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001. The largest spool it will handle is a 8'" diameter spool which is generally a 10 or eleven lb spool
    Submitted by: Customer Service on October 10, 2016

    Jerry pots
    from Oakland NJ asked:
    June 23, 2015
    Can the Hobart 190 mig weld alum. With the 100 spool gun.
    1 Answer
    The Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 with the included Spool Runner 100 spool gun can weld aluminum.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on June 23, 2015

    from Deer park Texas asked:
    June 20, 2015
    Can a longer mig gun be installed on this machine? I realize that with the wire diameters on the smaller side this might pose a problem, but I only use .030 solid wire. I previously owned a hobart iron man 210 with the longer gun and was used to having the extra reach.
    1 Answer
    Hobart indicates that they do not offer a longer gun for use on the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001. They also advise that if a longer gun is installed on this machine the extra length will overload the wire drive motor and cause it to trip the motor circuit breaker
    Submitted by: Customer Service on June 22, 2015

    from Michigan asked:
    April 18, 2015
    How long will an 80CF cylinder of 75/25 last ( in minutes of welding time ) when using this welder ? thank you
    1 Answer
    Hobart recommends that when mig welding with the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 that your flow gauge should be set at 20 to 30 CFH. With the gauge set at 20CFH you could weld continually without stopping for 4 Hours before the cylinder was empty. This however is totally unrealistic since nobody welds continually without stopping. So there really is no concrete answer to your question. It all depends on how much welding you will be doing and on how long you will be doing it..
    Submitted by: Customer Service on April 20, 2015

    from NE Ohio asked:
    January 6, 2015
    Are their .045" drive rollers and contact tips available for this unit and will the machine otherwise handle flux core .045" wire?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001can run .045 flux cored wire.. You will need the optional .045 V knurled drive roll # 202926 and .045 contact tips #000069
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 7, 2015

    from NE Ohio asked:
    January 3, 2015
    I read where Lincoln says their 180 amp mig will weld 1/2" mild steel with fluxed wire. Will this one? See quote below, The Lincoln Easy MIG 180 Welder is an ideal choice for farm, light fabrication, auto or home projects. If you have access to industrial 208/230V power, you'll be able to weld up to 3/16in. for MIG welding or 1/2in. with gasless flux core welding. Compatible with the Lincoln Electric Magnum 100SG spoolgun (Item# 44732, sold separately). Weld Thickness (in.): 1/2, Weldable Metals: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Power Cord (ft.): 6, Regulator and Gas Hose Included: Yes, Welding Wire Diameter (in.): .025-.045, Wire Feed Speed Control: 50-500 IPM, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 18 5/8 x 10 1/8 x 14, Mig Ready: Yes, Amps: 180, Shielding Gas Required: Yes, when welding MIG, Volts: 230, Cart: No, Clamp Cable Length (ft.): 10, Duty Cycle: 30% @ 130A
    1 Answer
    Hobart indicates that the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 can weld up to 1/2" thick steel with flux cored wire however multiple passes will be required.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 7, 2015

    from poplar bluff, Mo asked:
    September 13, 2014
    when the trigger is released........does the gas stop immediately? The welder I'm replacing has a delay approx. 3 -5 sec which is costing me a lot of gas ($). It's a 175, and we do a lot of tacking / stitching. We also had trouble with the solenoid not releasing and the trigger on the torch having to be tickled to activate the solenoid. These are the issue we have had.....is the 190 handler going to be ok for us ? Thanks bob Bennett 573 776 5924 (cst)
    1 Answer
    When you release the gun trigger on the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder the gas flow stops.. There is no preset post flow. The Handler 190 should work fine for you as long as you use it in within the parameters it was designed for
    Submitted by: Customer Service on September 15, 2014

    from tn asked:
    March 7, 2014
    What size circuit breaker does the holbart 190 mig welder need?
    1 Answer
    The Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 will draw 20.5 amps on 230 volt
    Submitted by: Customer Service on March 7, 2014

    jerry peddigree
    from penna asked:
    January 19, 2014
    how do I go about getting a 8'' wire spool adapter for a 190 hobart
    2 Answers
    The part # for the 8" hub kit for the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 is 195216 and the cost is $13.00
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 20, 2014
    The part # for the 8" hub kit for the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 is 195216 and the cost is $13.00
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 20, 2014

    from Sryacuse .ny asked:
    December 25, 2013
    Thickest steel and aluminum this will weld . I want to see this weld on u tube.l
    1 Answer
    Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 will weld 5/16 mild steel with the mig gun and 1/4 aluminum while using the spoolgun.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on January 3, 2014

    dave foreman
    from foreman1212@yahoo.com asked:
    October 7, 2013
    how does this compare to millermatic 212 for quality and durability
    1 Answer
    Comparing the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 with the Millermatic 212 MIG Welder Auto-Set 907405 you will find several differences.. Basically the 212 is a more heavy duty machine than the Handler..The 212 has a 60% duty cycle at the rated output of 160 amps.. The Handler has a 30% duty cycle at the rated output of 130 amps..The 212 has a max output of 210 amps ..The Handler has a max output of 190 amps..The 212 has an Auto Set feature to simplify setting up the wire feed speed and voltage based on wire size and the thickness of the material being welded.. It also has infinitely variable controls for manual set up of these parameters. The Handler has tap type range switch for voltage control. and an infinitely variable control for wire feed speed.. Because of these differences the 212 can more accurately set the welding parameters. ..The drive roll system in the 212 is more substantial than the Handler . The 212 uses the Miller m-25 mig gun while the Handler uses the Miller m-100 gun.. Basically the 212 is a more heavy duty machine.. There is of course a price to pay for the heavy duty features.. The 212 is priced at $1753.00 while the Handler is priced at $851.. The old saying "you get what you pay for " hold true here
    Submitted by: Customer Service on October 8, 2013

    Mike Walker
    from Rutland VT asked:
    July 6, 2013
    I have seen 190's with either all metal feed systems, or plastic feed systems, Which is this one?
    1 Answer
    The wire feed system used on the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 is all metal
    Submitted by: Customer Service on July 10, 2013

    from St. Cloud, FL asked:
    October 5, 2012
    Can this welder run on 208V? Do not have 230 where I will be uding it the most
    1 Answer
    The Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001 is designed to run on 230 Volt plus or minus 10%. If you you have a strong 208 volts in your area there will be not problem.. If the voltage drops below 207 volts the machine will not operate properly
    Submitted by: Customer Service on October 5, 2012

    25 Reviews
    92% (23)
    4% (1)
    4% (1)
    0% (0)
    0% (0)
    100% Recommend this product (25 of 25 responses)
    By Jim
    March 5, 2018
    Hobart Handler 190
    Great machine for the hobbyist. No issues after a month of use & 2 11# spools of wire. Haven't tried the spool gun yet but looks decent.
    ProsSmall, versatile & priced decent.
    ConsDon't care for the amp power clicker switch, would like it to be infinitely adjustable but gets the job done. Would like to see it be able to run off 120v.
    By Patrick
    Evans, Georgia
    January 18, 2018
    Great welder for the money
    Smooth starts and very little splatter using the recommended settings on the panel, and no leaks when hooking up the bottle either (my last welder leaked internally, and required me going through the machine and replacing on of the barbed connections). Would definitely purchase again

    I've only used solid wire with 75/25 mix, and haven't used the spool gun yet so I won't leave my opinion on its ability to use flux core or the spool gun.
    ProsGreat machine for the money. Comparable to similar amperage red and blue boxes, but for less money. Included spool gun makes it an even better deal since those are $200+ separately. Very smooth and plenty of power. Ill have this welder for a long time
    ConsI forget the technical name, but the knob for controlling the level of power "clicks" on each setting and isn't infinitely adjustable. Not a big deal since there are 7 settings, but that may be the only real difference over the more expensive machines.
    By Mike
    Keystone Heights Fl
    April 8, 2017
    Great little Machine
    Just set it up and Welded both Aluminum and Steel, I am VERY Impressed with this little machine!!
    By Ben
    Little rock, ar
    April 30, 2016
    Handler 190
    Great welder for the money. Just finished an aluminum welding cart with this welder, I am very pleased.
    By Cycle w.
    Balersfield, California
    April 30, 2016
    Just what I needed
    Very nice machine. Does exactly what I need it to do. Maybe in the future the female end of the power plug will come with these machines as well.
    ProsSo far so good
    ConsNone yet
    By Roger
    April 16, 2016
    Welds 1/4 inch aluminun no problem
    Great welder and spool gun will weld up to 1/4 inch aluminum. I was a little afraid it would not weld aluminum well but it does with a little practice. Very impressed with this machine you will not go wrong. Just buy it you will love it.
    ProsOveral good value and welds great. Also free shipping no tax.
    ConsNot a professional welder but it will work for years .
    By Derek
    Chackbay Louisiana
    April 3, 2016
    decent machine for the price
    Only have used it a few times and only on aluminum. For the most part is is worth the money. Does the job and pretty easy to use and set up.
    ProsEasy to use and set up.
    By Mike M.
    St.Maries ID
    March 21, 2016
    Hobart 190
    Fast shipping 3 days welder runs perfect. I'm a cert welder and bought this for home use I like it better than 211 miller . I used .030 wire but it can handle 3/8 " better with .035 on thicker stuff has plenty of power and I like to run hot . very impressed! Haven't used the spool gun but will soon.
    ProsGood price with spool gun, runs good love it!
    ConsDidn't come with a 12 pack of beer!
    By Ian
    March 5, 2016
    Awesome welder
    Had this welder a week and I love it. Great price for a really well built machine. Cyberweld was great also will for sure use them in the future.
    ProsLays such a smooth bead and very good quality welder.
    By Tim W.
    Milwaukee Wisconsin
    February 7, 2016
    Hobart 190
    Great welder can't beat it at that price. Welds great
    MARION, S.C.
    December 28, 2015
    By Rolo
    New Madrid, MO
    November 19, 2015
    Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder/ w Spoolgun
    Set up was easily done. Have used the spoolgun on aluminum and was very pleased. Setting up the long gun today, working on a Jeep project. The Hobart Package was just what I needed and reasonably priced.
    By Duane T.
    Gary, South Dakota
    November 13, 2015
    Great value, product and purchasing experience. Thank you Cyberweld for being an on-line provider of HOBART products. On time delivery and fast shipping. Great company. Will recommend to others and utilize again in the future if welding equipment needs arise.
    By Duane S.
    United States
    August 7, 2015
    Very satisfied
    I've been doing auto restoration and and hot rod building for 40 years. I had a Linde 160 wire feed machine and wanted to up-grade to a spool gun, only to find out that spool guns are not available for that machine. I then ordered my Hobart Handler 190 from Cyberweld because they had a very good price and good ratings. My welder arrived quicker than expected however on my first test I had no wire feed on one of the settings. I was bummed and thought I might need to return it. I called Hobart Tech Support and was EXTREMELY satisfied with the ease in which my problem was handled by a very knowledgeable technician. I believe his name was Keith. It was a very simple fix (a wire had fallen off inside). The machine now works absolutely perfectly. Again very happy with Cyberweld and Hobart.
    By Robert
    May 14, 2015
    Great piece of equipment for the money. Fast delivery,Free!!!
    My first job was to replace my neighbor"s golf cart battery box which was totally rotted away. I purchased a stick of 1.5x.125 angle iron, and after taking measurements, & cutting the pieces to length, I began welding. The Handler 190 worked perfectly. I used 75/25 Argon/CO2 gas and ER70S-6 solid wire. The job came out great!! Can't wait to use the included spool gun!
    ConsNone so far!
    By Robert
    Watervliet, Mi
    March 25, 2015
    Great welder
    I have been a certified welder for 10 years and this welder was a great addition to my garage!
    ProsWell built, steady arc, spool gun feature is nice
    By Dave
    Bristol, Connecticut
    March 11, 2014
    Great Package
    Nice little mig welder. I upgraded from a HF 170 there is just no comparison. The package deal was just too good to pass on
    ProsEasy set up. I was welding within an hour after delivery. Cyberweld is a pleasure to deal with.
    By Jerry
    February 5, 2014
    this is a great welder I also have a millermatic 210 mig great welder also . used the190 lastnight to weld 3-16 angle worked just as nice as my miller . would recommend this welder to anybody.very pleased.
    ProsGreat welder
    By Mark
    Palm Bay, Florida
    November 13, 2013
    this is an extremely high quality welder! much better than my previous lincoln
    Proseverything you need to weld anything!
    By John
    Staten Island ,NY
    September 14, 2013
    Great machine
    Excellent machine for the money! I'm not a welder by trade, but have done a fair amount of stick and mig welding in my career . This machine is very versitile. Smooth arc! Have welded sheet metal , angle iron and flat stock of various gauges and thicknesses. Machine doesn't miss a beat! The spoolgun is an added bonus. Welded steel with it, aluminum in the near future. You will not be disappointed with this machine!
    ProsSpoolgun set up,7 voltage settings, all metal drive system, price,fast free shipping.
    By Mike
    Boone, Iowa
    May 26, 2013
    Really like it
    The welder is a quality unit. I used the flux core wire included to start and it leaves a lot of splatter. However, I didn't buy this to use flux core wire anyway. So, I hooked it up to shielding gas and the welds look great assuming you don't have the garage door open which blow away your shielding gas. I am a rookie and learning but can't complain. The guide inside the lid is great and switching wire, polarity, voltage or wire speed is simple. One advantage of this machine is that the wire feed speed is infinitely adjustable so you don't click in to one setting or another. You can fine tune it to your needs.
    ProsQuality Flexibility ( wire size, flux core or solid wire, stainless, aluminum or steel) Ease of use and setup All around machine
    By Johnny
    April 2, 2013
    Outstanding Performance!
    I've used many different types/brands of welders in my experiences with welding. This is a GREAT welding package for the money... At, $851.00 and free shipping, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS PURCHASE. The welder was extremely easy to setup. As a matter of fact, I didn't have to make but two adjustments, and that was for wire spool tension and changing the tip that was sent with the machine from .030" to .035" for the 10# spool of FC wire. Other than that, everything was perfect just the way I received it, i.e. wire tension, drive rollers... It welds great, and produces great results with the flux cored wire... I haven't had a chance to use the Spool Gun that came with the package, but I'm sure that it will follow suit with the welder and weld nicely as well. The only thing I wish that the package came with is a trial size spool of both Aluminum and Stainless Steel wire for the Spool Gun. It did however, come with a trial size spool of .030" steel wire and extra tips. KEEP IN MIND, if you are going to be using a heavier or lighter gauge wire than .030", you will need to purchase extra tips. It only comes with .030" tips.
    ConsNOTHING YET! Recommend putting different size tips in package. i.e .030",.035, .040" and putting trial size spools of aluminum and/or stainless steel wire for spool gun.
    By Dominice
    st. petersburg, Fl
    March 28, 2013
    great welder at a great price
    I decided I wanted a spool gun and after figuring out it was going to cost at least $500 to get one for my miller 250. I figured I might as well buy this unit and get a second welder too, for an added $300. Seems like a solid machine so far and will work great for me since I don't plan on welding aluminum over 1/4 inch.
    By Matt C.
    Dallas, Tx
    December 4, 2012
    Perfect for what I need!
    I'm welding material that is generally less than 1/4" and so far this little welder has been perfect. I use it for projects around the house and not commercially.

    Additionally Cyberweld was great! I ordered the welder, then realized that they are located right where Sandy came ashore (about 2 weeks before). I was worried that the order would be delayed. It wasn't. Shipped the next day!
    ProsEasy setup Good manual Consumables available near my house
    ConsShort power cord. Switch for choosing mig gun or spool gun needs to be moved, it gets pushed when I adjust feed roller pressure. Now I know to check it but first time it happened I had to chase down the issue.
    By Roy
    March 26, 2012
    nice welder
    nice little mig welder, i run .035 wire with 75/25 gas, have welded thin wall exhaust pipe up to 3/16 steel, not tried it on anything heavy yet but it has worked well for me, super easy to set up, I have not tried the spool gun out yet as I dont do much aluminum, the package deal was just too good to pass on
    Proseasy set up, user friendly controls
    Consshort power cord

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    Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Package 500554001