Lincoln Welding Clothing
Genuine Lincoln Electric® welding jackets, aprons and shirts come in a variety of styles and materials to fit your individual welding application.
Lincoln Welding Gloves
Lincoln® welding gloves are made from premium leathers and are designed to meet the demands of your specific welding requirements.
Lincoln Welding Caps, Beanies & Doo Rags
Lincoln® welding caps, doo rags and beanies are made entirely of flame retardant fabric and are machine washable
Lincoln Welding Safety Glasses & Cutting Goggles
Genuine Lincoln® welding safety glasses and cutting goggles feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and lightweight frames.
Lincoln Red Line™ Welding Apparel

Lincoln Red Line™ Welding Apparel

Red Line™ welding apparel from Lincoln Electric® represents the finest in protective clothing and accessories. Leave it to "The Welding Experts" to design and manufacture quality welding jackets, shirts, gloves and safety glasses that perfectly match your welding application.