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Millermatic 255 MIG Welder w/EZ-Latch Running Gear 951766

Code: 951766
Millermatic 255 MIG Welder w/EZ-Latch Running Gear 951766+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Cyberweld Price: $3,075.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $3,899.00
You Save:  $824.00
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Miller® Millermatic® 255 MIG Welder with EZ-Latch™ Single Cylinder Running Gear 951766

The Miller® Millermatic® 255 MIG welder with EZ-Latch™ single cylinder running gear is a complete 350 amp welding package that comes standard with pulsed MIG welding capability. The inverter design means that the Millermatic 255 is less than half the weight of its popular predecessor, the Millermatic 252. Auto-Set™ Elite technology allows you to use preset welding parameters based on metal thickness, shielding gas and welding wire type to achieve optimum welds. You can also set your voltage and wire feed speed manually, for a custom welding arc.

The Millermatic® 255 comes complete with full color seven inch LCD screen with intuitive design and simple controls. In addition to built-in welding programs, the 255 can also store your custom welding programs. It seamlessly switches between welding with standard MIG gun or optional Spoolmatic™ spool gun. The 255 also features direct plug for XR push-pull gun for professional aluminum wire feed capability. This allows you to use 12 inch spools of aluminum MIG wire instead of the more expensive 1 lb rolls used with the spool gun.

EZ-Latch™ running gear with single cylinder cylinder rack gives unmatched portability to the Millermatic 255. For moving around the shop, the 255 attaches to the running gear through a series of four, quick-disconnect latches. For times when your 255 is taken into the field, the machine and running gear can be quickly separated for loading into a vehicle. The 255 can also be separated from the EZ-Latch running gear to access difficult-to-reach areas around the shop where a welder with full running gear/cylinder rack might not otherwise fit.

NOTE: EZ-Latch™ running gear comes in separate box and requires some assembly. Components assemble in three steps and include: cart with front caster wheels, cylinder tray with rear wheels and cylinder post.

  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)

    General fabricators
    Contract welding services
    Plant maintenance shops

  • EZ-Latch™ single cylinder running gear provides unmatched portability for the Millermatic 255. Operators no longer need to lift machine AND running gear when loading or moving. Latches secure machine to running gear. Simply loosen the latch retaining knob and rotate latches to disengage machine from running gear for easy portability. Cylinder rack features bottle forward technology for increased stability when moving along an incline and running gear has built-in storage for accessories.
  • Easy-to-understand interface with 7-inch color LCD display ensures proper machine setup and parameter selection, reducing setup time and increasing weld time. Quick-access backlit Auto-Set and Pulse buttons above the LCD display illuminate when active. Soft-key buttons below the display change function depending on which screen is displayed. Makes setup or change quick, easy and intuitive. Large text for easier readability. Intuitive connection setup images. Full troubleshooting descriptions versus help errors and look up codes.

  • Auto-Set™ Elite offers predefined weld settings to increase ease of use and ensure that the job is done right for operators of all skill levels. Available for MIG and pulsed MIG processes with the ability to fine-tune your settings. Set weld parameters by selecting wire and gas type, wire diameter and material thickness. Program mode allows easy save and recall of favorite weld settings. Deliver more productivity by eliminating the need to manually set the parameters. Deliver consistent quality by welders of all skill levels by using prequalified weld settings. Minimize supervisor need to intervene.
  • Pulsed MIG welding delivers higher quality welds for ALL welders. Lower heat input for less distortion on thin materials and better puddle control on out-of-position welds. Less spatter minimizes post weld grinding and rework allowing more welding time. Perform welding applications that couldn’t be done in the past. Ideal for MIG welding aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Compatible with push-pull MIG guns. Increases productivity by allowing the use of 12-inch wire spools versus a spool gun’s 4-inch spools. Reduces downtime changing wire spools.
  • Auto-Line™ allows for any single-phase input voltage hookup (208-240 V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Ideal solution for dirty or unreliable power.


    Comes complete with:
  • Millermatic® 255 MIG welder with 10 ft. (3 m) power cord
  • EZ-Latch™ single cylinder running gear
  • Cylinder chain
  • 15 ft. (4.5 m) 250-amp Miller® MDX™ MIG Gun with AccuLock™ S consumables for .035/.045 in. (0.9/1.2 mm) wire
  • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp and 50 mm Dinse-style connector
  • Flow gauge regulator and gas hose for argon or AR/CO2 mix
  • Extra contact tips
  • .035/.045 in. (0.9/1.2 mm) reversible drive rolls
  • Material thickness gauge
  • FREE Miller® Digital Performance™ ClearLight™ auto-darkening welding hood.
  • FREE Hobart® Fabshield® 21B 10 lb. spool .035 E71T-11 flux-cored welding wire.

    Get a FREE Miller® Digital Performance™ ClearLight™ Black auto-darkening welding helmet ($255 MSRP Value) PLUS a FREE 10 lb. spool of Hobart® Fabshield® 21B .035 E71T-11 flux-cored welding wire ($77.94 MSRP Value) with purchase of a Millermatic® 255 MIG welder. Expires 6/30/19. (No substitutions allowed.)

    Digital Performance™ Features
  • ClearLight™ lens technology optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states - reducing eye strain and operator fatigue
  • Digital Controls With Three Operating Modes -
    • Weld Mode™ Shades #8 - 13
    • Cut Mode™ Shades #5 - 8
    • Grind Mode - Light State #3
  • Improved headgear features additional adjust-ability settings for better fit & comfort
  • Quick-release front cover lens assembly

    Comes complete with
  • 5 outside cover lenses
  • 2 inside cover lenses
  • Helmet bag
  • Three year warranty

    Fabshield® 21B Features
  • E71T11 Self-Shielded Wire - no shielding gas needed
  • .035 wire diameter
  • Excellent for general purpose carbon steel welding applications.
  • Works well on galvanized steel.
  • All-position, single or multiple pass

    This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

  • Download Millermatic 255 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    Download Millermatic 255 Spec Sheet (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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    Wire Diameter: 

    3 Questions & 3 Answers
    from North Dakota asked:
    April 16, 2019
    what aluminum drive rollers and push pull guns do you offer for this machine.
    1 Answer
    Millermatic 255 MIG Welder w/EZ-Latch Running Gear 951766 would accept the following push pull guns: Miller XR-Aluma Pro A Gun 300000 Miller XR-Aluma Pro A Gun 300001 Miller XR-Aluma Pro Lite Gun 300948 U-Grooved Aluminum Drive Roll and Accessory Kits for XR-Aluma-Pro Push-Pull Guns 195311 .035 in. (0.9 mm) 195313 .047 in. (1.2 mm) Kits include Millermatic U-grooved drive rolls, nylon wire guides and contact tips.
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on April 17, 2019

    from Westfield, Indiana asked:
    January 25, 2019
    How come the Bernard 300 amp mig gun doesn't come with it as it did when first advertised ?
    1 Answer
    Miller has switched from the Bernard to the 15 ft. (4.5 m) 250-amp Miller® MDXâ"˘ MIG Gun with AccuLockâ"˘ S consumables for .035/.045 in. (0.9/1.2 mm) wire for the 255 MIG Welder w/EZ-Latch Running Gear 951766.
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on January 29, 2019

    John N
    from Washington asked:
    January 20, 2019
    Will it work with a spool gun?
    1 Answer
    Millermatic 255 MIG Welder w/EZ-Latch Running Gear 951766 will accept: Miller Spoolmatic 15A Spoolgun 195156 Miller Spoolmatic 30A Spoolgun 130831 Miller Spoolmate 200 MIG Spoolgun 300497
    Submitted by: Cyberweld on January 23, 2019

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    Millermatic 255 MIG Welder w/EZ-Latch Running Gear 951766