Miller Plasma Torches & Parts
Genuine Miller® replacement plasma torches and plasma parts for your Miller Spectrum® or older Hobart AirForce™ plasma cutter.
Thermal Dynamics Plasma Parts & Accessories
Genuine Thermal Dynamics® replacement parts and accessories for your Thermal Drag-Gun, Cutmaster® or PakMaster 1Series plasma cutter.
Hobart Plasma Parts
Genuine Hobart plasma replacement torches and plasma consumables for your Hobart AirForce 250Ci, 500i, 700i and new Airforce 12i, 27i and 40i plasma cutters.
Lincoln Electric® Tomahawk® Plasma Torches & Parts
Genuine Lincoln® Tomahawk® plasma torches and parts for your Lincoln Electric® plasma cutter.
Firepower Plasma Parts & Consumables
Genuine Firepower® replacement parts and consumables for your FP-25i, FP-35i or FP-45i plasma cutter.
Plasma Torches & Parts

Plasma Torches & Parts

Plasma Torches & Parts Choose genuine OEM plasma replacement torches, consumables and accessories for your Miller plasma cutter, Hobart plasma cutter or Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter.