BUILDPRO Manipulator Fixturing Kit, 5/8 Holes TU52020-K1

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BUILDPRO® Manipulator® Fixturing Kit, 5/8 Holes TU52020-K1

Genuine BuildPro® manipulator fixturing kit is a 20 X 20 inch table with 5/8" holes that allows you to position your work in the ideal spot using two rotating axis and one tilting axis. Manipulator table can be preset at a flat 90 degrees, tilted 45 degrees, or any custom degree configuration you desire. Access difficult joints without putting yourself in an awkward position. Reposition the manipulator quickly, without having to un-clamp any tools. Go from vertical up or overhead to a flat or downhill weld instantly, increasing your productivity and versatility. 30 piece fixturing kit included to make set up fast and accurate, as well as allowing you to be set up for repeat jobs.

  • Spring-loaded carbon brush grounds rotating plate to stationary grounding point.
  • Three Locking Positions 0 and 30 on both sides.
  • Two large handles for quick and easy adjustment of rotary axis.
  • Large leveling pads with wrench flats.
  • Two casters for quick repositioning of manipulator.

    Comes Complete With
  • 1 BUILDPRO Manipulator Welding Table
  • 2 Inserta Clamps UDN5150
  • 2 Inserta Pliers PTT634K
  • 6 Ball Lock Bolts T55057
  • 4 Stops T54205
  • 2 2" Right Angle Brackets T50304
  • 2 4" Right Angle Brackets T50305
  • 4 V-Blocks T54216
  • 8 Magnetic Rest Buttons T50737