Diamond Ground Monster 14 TIG Nozzle Kit MN14-2-332D

Code: MN14-2-332D

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Cyberweld Price $61.99
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Electrode Diameter:3/32

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Diamond Ground Monster 14™ TIG Nozzle Kit for 9 Series and 20 Series TIG Torches - For Use With 3/32" Diameter Tungsten Electrode MN14-2-332D

Diamond Ground Monster 14™ Series 2 TIG nozzle kit for 9 and 20 series TIG torches comes complete with two 7/8" size #14 nozzles that dramatically improve shielding gas coverage and allow for greater tungsten electrode stick out. The internal screen stacks installed within the Monster TIG nozzles work with your standard gas lens to virtually eliminate shielding gas turbulence and greatly increase shielding gas coverage area. Better gas coverage allows for longer tungsten stick out, providing an unobstructed view of the weld puddle.

The Monster 14 TIG nozzle kit includes two Monster 14 alumina nozzles with screen stacks and one each 45V44 gas lens, 3/32 stubby collet, nozzle insulator, short back cap and medium back cap.

  • For 9 series air-cooled and 20 series water-cooled TIG torches
  • Improves shielding gas coverage for critical TIG welds
  • Virtually eliminates gas turbulence
  • Allows for longer tungsten electrode stick out, giving you a better view of the weld puddle
  • Uses industry standard gas lens and collet
  • For use with 3/32" diameter tungsten electrode (not included)

    Comes Complete With
    2 - Monster 14 nozzles with 7/8 inch, size #14 orifice with installed screen stacks
    1 - 45V44 gas lens
    1 - 3/32 stubby collet
    1 - Nozzle Insulator
    1 - Short back cap
    1 - Medium back cap