Fibre Metal Ratchet Suspension 3RW2

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Cyberweld Price $15.85
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Fibre-Metal® Hard Hat Ratchet Suspension 3RW2

Genuine Fibre-Metal® SuperEight® 3WR2 ratchet suspension for Fibre-Metal P2 series hard hats. The 3WR2 suspension features strip-proof ratchet and crack-proof headband. It is SEI certified in both forward and reverse positions.

  • Strip-proof ratchet and crack-proof headband
  • SEI certified in both forward and reverse positions
  • Suspension loading - Reduced impact energy is passed to the suspension system at eight scientifically determined points around the cap.
  • Impact energy dispersal - The eight energy absorbing suspension connections, twice as many as ordinary caps disperse the energy over a greater area of the head, reducing its concentration, and the risk of failure, at any one point.
  • Suspension function - The technically-advanced suspension system stretches in a predictable, controlled manner, absorbing still more impact energy. The remaining impact energy, reduced to ANSI-specified levels by the precise interaction of the cap's components, is passed to the body's natural shock absorbers.

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