Harris 601 CO2 Flowmeter Regulator 601-CD-320

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Gas:CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

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Harris® 601 CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Flow Meter Regulator 601-CD-320

The Harris® 601 CO2 Flowmeter Regulator is ideal for medium and light duty MIG welding applications where more precise control of the carbon dioxide shielding gas flow is desired. The 601-CD is economical, compact and comes with a 7 year factory warranty. It is a single-stage, solid brass flowmeter regulator that is specifically designed for CO2 (carbon dioxide) shielding gas. The Harris 601-CD flow meter regulator comes with 50 mm pressure gauge and calibrated flow tube that is marked with CO2 and Argon flow rates. The 601 delivers up to 70 square cubic feet per hour (SCFH) of shielding gas.

Suitable for use with
  • CO2 shielding gas (Carbon Dioxide)

    Flow capacity - 70 SCFH
    Inlet - CGA 320 (rear entry)
    Outlet - 5/8" - 18 (F)
    Body - brass
    Flow Tube - Dual calibrated for CO2 and Argon shielding gases

    (Made In Poland)

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