Harris HX-3B Inferno Brazing Kit 4400083

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Cyberweld Price $316.95
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Acetylene Inlet:B (CGA 520)

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Harris® Inferno® HX-3B HQA-4 Brazing Kit 4400083

The Harris® Inferno® HX-3B brazing and soldering kit is 100% TurboTorch® compatible and brazes up to 2 inch I.D. copper tubing using a "B" acetylene gas cylinder. Inferno's swirl flame technology produces consistently hot target flame brazing temperatures WITHOUT the use of an oxygen tank. The HX-3B comes complete with an Inferno HA-3i and HA-11i brazing tip. Use the HA-3i to braze up to 1/2 inch I.D. copper tubing. The HA-11i can braze copper tubing up to 2 inches in inside diameter.

The Inferno HX-3B comes complete with "B" acetylene regulator, HQA-4 brazing torch handle with quick-disconnect fitting, HA-3i and HA-11i brazing tips, 12 foot acetylene hose with "A" fittings, and cylinder wrench.

Compare to TurboTorch® Extreme™ X-3B

  • Ideal for HAVC brazing applications. Also works well for soldering and heating applications in the plumbing industry.
  • The revolutionary Inferno® tip has a specially designed insert that delivers reliable swirl combustion performance every time. The swirl combustion of the Inferno tip is unlike anything offered on the market. Contractors get a consistent, hotter flame that will engulf and wrap around the work piece for maximum efficiency.
  • The technology behind the Inferno® is the result of exhaustive research and development followed by exacting standards in manufacturing. The lack of heat, inconsistency and "Horns" you might find in the flames of other brands are not found in the flame of the Inferno. With Inferno, you get a richer, hotter, more perfect burn.
  • Tips take a beating, so the Inferno® is constructed from thick and strong 304 stainless steel tube stock. All Inferno tips are crafted from industrial grade materials designed to stand up in the field. The Inferno is a tip that is built to last.
  • Inferno® engineers understand that the heat contractors need starts with the precision of the tip orifice. To get the best flame, Harris has developed a unique manufacturing process that allows for consistent production of all Inferno tip orifices. Harris' exacting manufacturing standards ensure the optimal delivery of fuel gas, resulting in the perfect flame. In addition, during the manufacturing process, every tip is tested twice, once to ensure the perfect orifice and once to ensure flame quality - this all adds up to making a truly great, hot tip.