Hobart ER4043 .030 Aluminum MIG Wire - 1# Spool H381806-R18

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Hobart® ER4043 .030 Aluminum MIG Welding Wire - 1# Spool H381806-R18

1 lb. Spool - Genuine Hobart® ER4043 .030 diameter Aluminum MIG Welding Wire is a general purpose wire that is well-suited for welding 6XXX series aluminum. It is classified as AWS A5.10 ER4043 and is an all-position solid MIG wire with a low melting temperature and excellent corrosion resistance.

Welding 6xxx alloys
Automotive/motorcycle frames
Sports products - scooters/bicycles
General repair and maintenance

  • Moderate strength (28 ksi typical)
  • Low melting temperature/high fluidity
  • Low welding smut and discoloration
  • Low ductility, formability, and lower toughness
  • Moderate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low shrinkage rate/reduced distortion
  • Low hot cracking sensitivity in most applications

    Shielding Gas:
    Argon 100%
    Argon/Helium mixes for 1 inch + thick plate

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