Lincoln Copper Plus 3/32 Extended Life MIG Contact Tip KP2745-332R

Code: KP2745-332R

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Cyberweld Price $29.00
Cyberweld Price $29.00
Mfg Industrial Price: $37.70
(You Save $8.70)

Wire Diameter:3/32

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Lincoln® Copper Plus™ 3/32 Extended Life MIG Contact Tip 550A KP2745-332R

Package of 10 - Genuine Lincoln® Copper Plus™ 3/32 550A Extended Life MIG contact tip for your Lincoln Magnum® PRO MIG welding gun. Copper Plus technology provides superior arc head dispersal for superior tip life. Anti-Seize™ threads ensure quick, consistent tip change-outs by preventing contact tip from seizing in the diffuser. Magnum Pro Extended Life contact tips feed an average of 20 lbs. more wire per contact tip than traditional Magnum Pro contact tips.

  • Premium Tip Performance - The large mass of the Magnum® PRO Copper Plus® contact tips help disperse heat, keeping tips cooler and expanding their life.
  • The Anti-Seize™ threads prevent tips from seizing in the diffuser
  • Extend Life Contact Tip feeds more wire over life of tip
  • Wire Diameter - 3/32