Lincoln Invertec V155-S Stick Welder K2605-1

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Lincoln® Invertec® V155-S Stick Welder K2605-1

The Lincoln® Invertec® V155-S is a 155 amp DC stick welder that operates on both 115 and 230 volt input power. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, the V155-S is extremely lightweight. On the jobsite, this welder can be plugged into a portable generator without sacrificing performance or arc quality. The V155-S delivers outstanding results, even when operating off a 200 ft., 230 volt extension cord.

The Invertec V155-S has an output range of 5 to 155 amps. Stick welding features include Auto-Adaptive Arc Force, Automatic Hot Start and two stick welding modes - SOFT and CRISP - to provide the best arc characteristics for whatever stick welding electrode you are using. It also features Touch Start TIG® mode for easy TIG arc starts, with OPTIONAL TIG torch, without the use of high frequency.

The Invertec V155-S comes complete with electrode holder with cable, work cable with ground clamp and 6.6 ft. input power cable with 15 amp and 20 amp plugs.

  • Stick (SMAW)
  • DC TIG (GTAW) - with OPTIONAL TIG torch

    Glass Industry
    Maintenance & Repair
    Pharmaceutical Equipment
    Pipeline & Offshore
    Power Generation
    Power Plants
    Process Piping
    Railing Industry

  • Two stick modes, SOFT and CRISP
    Provide the right arc characteristics for different types of electrodes.
  • Fan-As-Needed™ (F.A.N.™)
    Reduces noise and dust inside the machine.
  • Auto-Adaptive Arc Force
    Minimizes electrode sticking in the puddle without compromising arc stability or increased spatter.
  • Automatic Hot Start
    Boosts the current during starting to make striking an arc easier.
  • Touch Start TIG® Mode
    Smooth TIG arc starts without the use of high frequency. Simply touch the tungsten to the work piece and lift.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a DC TIG welder ONLY. It CANNOT TIG weld aluminum.

    Comes complete with

    Comes complete with
  • Invertec® V155-S TIG/Stick welder
  • Stick electrode holder and cable, 10 ft. (3.0 m) with Twist Mate™ plug
  • Work clamp and cable, 10 ft. (3.0 m) with Twist Mate™ plug
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap
  • 120/230V input cord, 6.6 ft. (2 m) with a 120V 15 Amp plug
  • Extra 120V 20 Amp plug