Lincoln Premium FR Cotton Welding Sleeves K4828-ALL

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Lincoln Premium FR Cotton Welding Sleeves K4828-ALL
Lincoln Premium FR Cotton Welding Sleeves K4828-ALL 1

Cyberweld Price $20.75
Cyberweld Price $20.75
Mfg Industrial Price: $23.67
(You Save $2.92)

Length:21 inches

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Lincoln® Premium Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Sleeves w/Knit Liner K4828-ALL

One pair Genuine Lincoln® Premium Flame Retardant Welding Sleeves are made from breathable 9 oz. FR cotton, are 21 inches long and have a full knit lining. Sleeves feature elastic cuffs at each end to keep spatter out and keep sleeves in position while welding. Knit liner adds an extra layer of heat protection and comfort.

One size fits all.

  • Slip on a pair of welding sleeves for added spatter and heat resistance.
  • Sleeves are made of premium 9oz. Flame Retardant (FR) cotton that prevents and extinguishes fire while providing superior comfort.
  • Full knit liner is also made of 9oz FR cotton and adds additional heat protection
  • Elastic cuffs at each end keep spatter out and hold the sleeves in position.
  • These sleeves can be washed up to 50 times and still maintain its flame retardant properties allowing for a longer service life than lower quality sleeves.
  • Sleeve length 21.0 inches (53 cm)