Lincoln Sprinter 180Si TIG Welder (Stick Package) K5453-1

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Lincoln® Sprinter™ 180Si TIG Welder (Stick Package) K5453-1

The Lincoln® Sprinter™ 180Si (Stick Package) is a 180 amp DC TIG/Stick welder that operates on both 120 and 230 volt input power.  Weighing in at just 20 pounds, the 180Si is extremely lightweight, but it packs enough power to weld up to 5/32 in. diameter stick electrodes.

The Sprinter has an output range of 20 to 180 amps in stick welding mode and 10 to 200 amps while TIG welding.  It features both lift-arc and high frequency arc starts and comes standard with pulsed TIG capabilities. Stick welding features include two stick welding modes - SOFT and CRISP - to provide the best arc characteristics for whatever stick welding electrode you are using.

The Sprinter 180Si stick package comes complete with stick electrode holder with cable, work cable with ground clamp and 230 volt to 120 volt adapter cord.

  • DC TIG (GTAW) - with OPTIONAL TIG torch
  • Pulsed DC TIG (GTAW-P) - with OPTIONAL TIG torch
  • Stick (GMAW)

    Light Duty Fabrication
    Auto Body
    Light structural

  • Two Stick Modes
    Dedicated E6010 and E7108 weld modes allow for greater welding versatility and superior performance
  • High Frequency Start
    Strike a precise arc every time while TIG welding
  • Touch Start TIG® Mode
    Smooth TIG arc starts without the use of high frequency. Simply touch the tungsten to the work piece and lift.
  • Pulsed TIG Mode
    Provides heat management and enhanced control when making thin, precise welds
  • Dual Input
    Run the Sprinter™ 180Si welder off 120V or 230V, depending on the job

  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a DC TIG welder ONLY. It CANNOT TIG weld aluminum.

    Comes complete with
  • Srpinter™ 180Si DC TIG/Stick welder
  • Stick electrode holder and cable, 10 ft. (3.0 m) with Twist Mate™ plug
  • Work clamp and cable, 10 ft. (3.0 m) with Twist Mate™ plug
  • 230V/120V adapter cord