Lincoln WX Multi-Oxide Premium Tungsten Electrode KP4723-18

Code: KP4723-18

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Cyberweld Price $55.75
Cyberweld Price $55.75
Mfg Industrial Price: $65.00
(You Save $9.25)

Diameter:1/8 inch

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Lincoln WX Multi-Oxide Premium Tungsten Electrode KP4723-18

Pkg of 10 - Lincoln&reg 7 inch 1/8 diameter WX Multi Oxide (Purple) tungsten is the most versatile tungsten providing first class performance at all amperages and compatible with both AC or DC current. Superior to 2% Thoriated tungsten in electrode life and arc stability, WX is made from a combination of 3 oxides and is not radioactive, like thoriated tungsten. WX tungsten runs cooler than other types of tungsten electrode and provides fast, consistent arc starts.

Materials Welded
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum

  • WX is the only tungsten electrode you're going to need - can be used for both AC and DC welding applications
  • Stable tip and arc geometry
  • Runs cooler for longer electrode life
  • Stable tip and arc geometry
  • Best choice to replace thoriated tungsten
  • Non-radioactive oxides - 1.5% Lanthanum, .08% Zirconium, .08% Yttrium
  • Proven to outperform other tungsten electrodes
  • AWS A5.12M/A5.12:2009