Lincoln XVI FR Cotton Welding Jacket K4931

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Lincoln XVI FR Cotton Welding Jacket K4931
Lincoln XVI FR Cotton Welding Jacket K4931

Cyberweld Price $74.30
Cyberweld Price $74.30
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Lincoln® XVI Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket K4931

Genuine Lincoln® XVI FR Cotton Welding Jacket is made of a unique blend of 16 ounce fabric in high wear areas and lightweight 9 ounce fabric in shoulders and back. Grey 16 ounce front and sleeves stand up to sparks and spatter that would burn through other cotton welding jackets. Black 9 ounce cotton in back, shoulders and stand-up welder's collar, provides outstanding protection but is lighter weight and more breathable for maximum comfort.

Cushioned collar and cuffs absorb moisture around the neck and wrists and have snap adjustments for a custom fit. Three layers of fabric around the front snaps, as well as an additional Velcro® closure, keep weld spatter from entering the jacket. There is one large inside pocket for storing personal items.

This welding jacket is machine washable and retains its flame retardant properties for 100 home washings or 50 commercial washings.

  • Innovative Design
    Constructed with grey 16 oz. FR fabric at high wear points and 9 oz. black FR cotton at lower wear points to maximize longevity, ergonomics and protection.
  • Superior Protection
    Heavy weight FR fabric increases heat & spatter resistance while multi-layer closure helps prevent spark or spatter intrusion
  • Enhanced Comfort & Fit
    Innovative cushioned neck & wrists alleviate common pressure points and also feature adjustable button snaps to optimize fit
  • Increased Longevity
    Machine Washable
    The all FR fabric design can be machine washed which provides a unique advantage compared to leather jackets.