Magswitch MLAY1000 Lifting Magnet 8100088

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Cyberweld Price $508.50
Cyberweld Price $508.50
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Magswitch® Medium Duty Lifter - MLA 600 Single Magnet 8100088

Magswitch® MLA1000 medium duty lifter allows you to pick up 3/4 inch thick steel weighing up to 333 pounds. Magswitch® technology lets you turn magnetic power on and off with a half turn of a handle! When incorporated into the ergonomic design of the Magswitch® MLA 600, let you pick up and move incredibly heavy, cumbersome objects with ease.

  • Easy on/off actuation
  • Fast, easy positioning
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy on/off for precise positioning
  • Holds flat and round non-flexing material
  • Easy to use with freedom from electricity and batteries
  • Will not overheat like electromagnets
  • Locking handle

    70mm Single Magnet Lifter has 333 lb lifting capacity