Miller Heavy-Duty Head Seal 287188

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Miller Heavy-Duty Head Seal 287188
Miller Heavy-Duty Head Seal 287188 1

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Cyberweld Price $183.95
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Miller Hard Hat PAPR Heavy-Duty Head Seal 287188

Genuine Miller® flame-retardant heavy-duty head seal for your Miller Hard Hat PAPR. The heavy-duty head seal provides much greater coverage around the neck and shoulders than the standard head seal. Replacing the standard Hard Hat PAPR head seal with the heavy-duty head seal increases the Assigned Protection Factor of the entire T94iH-R™ system from an APF of 25 to an APF of 1,000.

FR cotton heavy-duty head seal has an ultra soft outer shell and is machine washable.

Suitable for use with
  • Miller Hard Hat PAPR T94iH-R™ ONLY

  • Made from WeldX™ material
  • Includes neck and shoulder shroud with crown cover
  • NIOSH approved
  • FR APF (Assigned Protection Factor) 1,000

    T94iH-R™ welding helmet NOT included.