Miller XR-Pistol-Pro Gun (Water Cooled) - 15ft. 300786

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Miller® XR™-Pistol-Pro Gun (Water Cooled) - 15ft. 300786

The Miller® XR™-Pistol-Pro (water-cooled) push-pull wire feed system offers this pistol-style MIG gun in 15ft. length. XR-Pistol-Pro is based off of Miller's proven XR-Aluma-Pro gooseneck syle gun and has superior performance and reliability for feeding aluminum and other solid MIG welding wires.

  • MIG (GMAW) Welding with aluminum wire and other soft alloys
  • Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) with pulsing power source

    Heavy Industrial Applications
    Emergency Vehicles
    Recreational Vehicles
    Tool Boxes
    Trucks and Trailers
    Boat/Yacht Building Fabrication
    Sign Manufacturers

  • The XR-Pistol-Pro™ is designed to be used with the XR™-S/D Control, XR-AlumaFeed™, or Millermatic® 252/350P/ 350P Aluminum as part of a push-pull system.
  • Easy access to drive assembly and removable toolless head tube reduces service time by allowing a simple means of changing drive rolls and head tube or performing routine maintenance without disassembly of gun.
  • Easy-to-rotate, self-seating head tube allows for better access into tight spots, preventing leaks and providing excellent current transfer. Head tubes are now common with the Aluma-Pro gooseneck-style guns
  • Improved motor and drive design for better feedability and arc consistency over longer distances while helping reduce downtime and maintenance costs associated with complex drive systems
  • Head tube options in several different lengths and bend configurations are available for use when a standard head tube doesn’t fit the application. All head tubes use standard Roughneck® consumables or can be converted to Bernard® Centerfire™.

    Comes complete with
  • .030-3/64 drive rolls
  • Two FREE 16 lb. spools of Hobart® 4943 .035 diameter aluminum MIG welding wire.

  • Get two FREE 16 lb. spools of Hobart® MaxalMig® 4943 .035 diameter aluminum MIG welding wire with the purchase of this XR™ Pistol Pro push-pull gun. While supplies last. (No substitutions allowed.)

    Hobart® MaxalMig® ER4943 .035 Aluminum MIG Welding Wire - 16# Wire Basket Spool 494303512

    16 lb. Wire Basket Spool - Genuine Hobart® MaxalMig® ER4943 .035 diameter aluminum MIG welding wire is formulated to be used in the same welding applications as ER4043, but with a 25% higher ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and 50% higher yield strength in the "as welded" state. ER4943 has moderate to high strength (35 ksi typical), with a low melting temperature and excellent fluidity. It is well-suited for welding 6XXX series aluminum. It is classified as AWS A5.10 ER4943 and is an all-position solid MIG wire with excellent corrosion resistance and low shrinkage rate.

    The Hobart MaxlMig® 12 inch wire basket spool is made from heavy duty steel and can be put into your shop's scrap metal recycle bin when your MIG wire is depleted. The wire basket protects your welding wire far better than plastics spools and doesn't have to end up in a landfill when your job is done.

    Welding 6xxx alloys
    Automotive/motorcycle frames
    Sports products - scooters/bicycles
    General repair and maintenance

  • Moderate/High strength (35 ksi typical)
  • Low melting temperature/high fluidity
  • Low welding smut and discoloration
  • Low ductility, formability, and lower toughness
  • Moderate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low shrinkage rate/reduced distortion
  • Low hot cracking sensitivity in most applications

    Shielding Gas:
    Argon 100%
    Argon/Helium mixes for 1 inch + thick plate