Victor SR311 CO2 Regulator/Flowmeter 0781-0353

Code: 0781-0353

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Victor® SR311 CO2 Regulator/Flowmeter 0781-0353

The SR311-320 CO2 Flowmeter regulator is designed for use with standard (non-siphoned) carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders where high flow rates cause other regulators to freeze up. The SR311 design incorporates aluminum heat sink fins which permit high flow rates without freeze-up or noticeable change in pressure or flow by significantly increasing the surface area of the regulator. The fins help dissipate the cold, without the use of electricity.

Designed for CO2 application (gaseous, non-siphoned tube cylinders)
Designed for core wire applications
High flow CO2 applications (SR 311 - 100 SCFH) with adequate supply or source


  • Machined aluminum body and housing cap
  • 2" Gauge
  • Stem type seat mechanism
  • 1-3/4" diaphragm
  • Self reseating relief valve (Not designed to protect downstream apparatus)
  • Sintered inlet filter
  • Flow Range 25 - 100 SCFH
  • Preset 80 PSIG outlet pressure
  • CGA Inlet Connection 320
  • Outlet Connection: 5/8" - 18 RH (F)
  • Maximum Inlet 1500 PSIG