Weiler Tiger Ceramic Flap Disc- 4 1/2" Type 29 w/Hub 80 Grit 50107

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Weiler® Tiger Saber Tooth Ceramic Flap Disc - 4 1/2" Type 29 w/Hub 80 Grit 50107

Genuine Weiler® Tiger Saber Tooth Ceramic Type 29, 80 grit conical flap disc with 5/8" -11 nut is designed for use on aluminum, stainless steel and other hard-to-grind metals. The Tiger Ceramic's crystalline structure contains millions of fracture points that self-sharpen at a faster rate than other grains. This results in a high material removal rate, cool grinding and reduced friction at less pressure, which reduces operator fatigue and labor costs. The wheel's top coat prevents heat discoloration of stainless steel parts and loading on soft alloys, like aluminum.

The max performance Tiger Saber Tooth ceramic flap disc provides aggressive stock removal on flat surfaces with a grinding angle between 15 and 35 degrees. The 80 grit abrasive grain is ideal for blending, rust removal, cleaning, and finishing with a right angle grinder. The Tiger Ceramic #50107 flap disc offers a metal 5/8" - 11 nut that allows for quick changeovers and prevents the disc from sticking to the spindle.

  • Reduces labor costs by providing fast stock removal with maximum disc life.
  • Best on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other hard-to-grind metals (tool steel, Inconel™, high nickel alloy, titanium and armored steel)
  • Top coated for cool grinding, protecting high-value parts from heat discoloration
  • Prevents loading on soft alloys like aluminum
  • Conical disc shape maximizes surface contact for aggressive stock removal on flat surfaces
  • Ceramic alumina grains are self-sharpening micro-fracturing crystals that expose sharp edges, maintaining a high cut-rate for the life of the grain
  • Contaminant-free (contains less than 0.1% Fe, S, Cl)
  • 5/8" - 11 metal nut allows for quick spin-on, spin-off changeover and eliminates cross-threading or sticking to spindle due to heat build-up
  • Max RPM 13,000