Weiler Tiger Trim Flap Disc - 4 1/2" Type 29 w/Hub 40 Grit 50006

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Weiler® Tiger Trimmable Flap Disc - 4 1/2" Type 29 w/Hub 40 Grit 50006

Genuine Weiler® Tiger Trim™ Type 29, 40 grit conical trimmable flap disc with 5/8-11 nut is designed for use on steel and stainless steel. The Tiger Trim's zirconia alumina grain is self-sharpening and is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure associated with heavy duty metal finishing applications. The trimmable composite backing allows the operator to increase flap overhang, which increases the wheel's life and adds versatility to adjust to hard to reach areas like fillet welds and irregular shapes. The high performance Tiger Trim flap disc provides high material removal when grinding between 15-35 degrees, long service life and flexibility.

The 40 abrasive grain is ideal for edge beveling, chamfering, weld grinding, and blending with a right angle grinder. The Tiger Trim #50006 flap disc offers a metal 5/8" - 11 nut that allows for quick changeovers and prevents the disc from sticking to the spindle.

  • Self-sharpening zirconium alumina grains hold up under high temperatures and extreme heat
  • 5/8" 11 metal nut allows for quick spin-on, spin-off changeover and eliminates cross-threading or sticking to spindle due to heat build-up
  • Composite backing can be trimmed, exposing more abrasive material
  • Non-marking backing will not damage work piece, resulting in less rework and scrap
  • Provides versatility to adjust for hard-to-reach areas such as fillet welds and irregular shapes
  • Containment-free (contains less than 0.1% of Fe, S, Cl)
  • Maximum RPM 13,000