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Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A

Code: NE835A
Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A+ CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Cyberweld Price: $178.30
Mfg Industrial Price: $378.86
You Save:  $200.56
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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Smith® Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A

Handi-Heet soldering outfits provide fast heat with acetylene and atmospheric air. Concentrated soft flame delivers 1700° F heat just where it is needed for maximum performance on all types of soldering, heating, thawing and other applications.

No oxygen tank required. Tough NE180A torch handle is built to last – machined from solid brass. Unlike plastic torches, it is not sensitive to temperature changes. Full length fluted handle provides firm comfortable grip. Needle valve provides excellent flame adjustment. Easy to operate, just hold torch and set flame with one hand.

Handi-Heet soldering tips have Smith’s famous Slip-in design. Seats perfectly by hand . . . no wrench needed! “O” ring provides tight gas seal and allows operator to rotate tip to any position. All tips and torch body are nickel plated. Sturdy single stage regulator provides steady and sensitive gas regulation for maximum torch performance.

This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

Smith Air/Acetylene Tips & AccessoriesSmith Air/Acetylene Tips & AccessoriesGenuine Smith® Equipment replacement tips, torch handles and accessories for your Silver Smith or Smith® Handi-Heet soldering torch kit.

TurboTorch Acetylene Cylinder - 40 Cubic Foot (B) 0916-0005TurboTorch Acetylene Cylinder - 40 Cubic Foot (B) 0916-0005Acetylene Cylinder - 40 Cubic Foot (B) (empty) suitable for all industrial acetylene applications including: welding, cutting, brazing, soldering and heating.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Code: 0916-0005

Mfg Industrial Price: $187.00Cyberweld Price: $103.85

18 Questions & 19 Answers
from California asked:
February 1, 2017
hey there, can i order this with the fitting for the mc tank instead of the b tank?
Unfortunately, they do not make this outfit to fit an MC tank. There are adapters that can be used to convert this from a B tank to an MC tank fitting- although, we do not carry it. You should be able to obtain the adapter from a local industrial gas supplier.
Customer Service
on February 2, 2017

from Worcester, MA asked:
August 26, 2016
i have(Smith Air/Acetylene NE835A Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A) and (TurboTorch Acetylene 0916-0005 Cylinder - 40 Cubic Foot) ......And (TurboTorch Oxygen Cylinder - 20 Cubic Foot (R) 0916-0003) and (Smith Little Torch Jeweler's Torch Outfit 23-1001D).......which flashback can i use with this system
If you want to install a flasback arrestor set on you equipment you should use the Smith Flashback Arrestor (set) - Regulator Mount H753. This will allow you to use it with both the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A and the little torch.
Customer Service
on August 29, 2016

from indiana asked:
August 26, 2016
Does this product need a flask back arrestor valve
The manufacturer indicates that a flash back arrestor is not required with a Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A. However if you want to install one you can use the acetylene flash back arrestor from a Smith Flashback Arrestor (set) - Regulator Mount H753 or from a Smith Flashback Arrestor (set) - Torch Mount H743..
Customer Service
on August 29, 2016

from Worcester, MA asked:
August 23, 2016
Where is the adapter to connect the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A to an MC tank please?
Sorry but we do not offer an adapter for this application.. You should be able to obtain this adapter from you local industrial gas supplier
Customer Service
on August 24, 2016

from Worcester, MA asked:
August 23, 2016
Now i have(Smith Air/Acetylene NE835A Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A) and (TurboTorch Acetylene 0916-0005 Cylinder - 40 Cubic Foot) ......And i want to buy (TurboTorch Oxygen Cylinder - 20 Cubic Foot (R) 0916-0003) and (Smith Little Torch Jeweler's Torch Outfit 23-1001D).........so what can i add and do to use the little torch and Underestimate the expenses??? Thanks
Based on the fact that you already have the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A and you plan to purchase the 20 cu ft oxygen cylinder and the 23-1001D Little Torch Kit the only other item you will need to purchase is a Smith Oxygen regulator # 30-20-54 ( $84.35)
Customer Service
on August 24, 2016

from New York, NY asked:
May 11, 2016
Hose RL121 is only 12' (3.8m), were can I get 25' hose?
If you need a 25ft hose for use with the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A you can use the Best Welds Twin Welding Hose - 1/4" Grade T B X B part # TH-1731
Customer Service
on May 12, 2016

from New York, NY asked:
May 11, 2016
Can this torch be used with MAP/Pro 14.1 oz tank and if yes what adapter needed to connect?
The Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A cannot be used with Mapp or Propane.. It is designed for use with acetylene only.
Customer Service
on May 12, 2016

from Las Vegas, NV asked:
May 4, 2016
Is this different from Smiths "Silversmith" acetylene/air torch?
The Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A and the Smith Silversmith differ only in the amount and sizes of the tips included in the package. The Silver Smith comes with only one tip a NE180-00. The Handi Heat comes with 3 tips a NE180-1,Ne180-2,and a NE180-3.
Customer Service
on May 4, 2016

from Gig Harbor, WA asked:
April 25, 2015
What is the difference between this torch and the silver smith? thank you Roger
The Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A and the Silver Smith Soldering Outfit 239-193 use the same torch handle, regulator, and hose .The difference between this kits is the number and sizes of the tips. The Handi-Heet comes with three tips #s 1,2, and 3. The Silver Smith comes with only one tip a 00 size. Basically the Handi-Heet is designed for plumbing and heating AC work while the Silver Smith is designed for jewelers work.
Customer Service
on April 27, 2015

from Mahwah,New Jersey asked:
March 12, 2015
Can i use this product also in Europe? Do i also get there the Acetylene tank?
You should be able to use the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A in Europe,however you will need to purchase an acetylene cylinder in Europe and obtain an adapter for the acetylene regulator connection from the USA (Compressed Gas Association) style to a European style acetylene connection. The NE835A uses a CGA 520 style connection .. Smith recommends that you contact some USA adapter manufacturers such as Western Products or Superior Products to see if they offer any of the CGA to European style adapters.
Customer Service
on March 16, 2015

from Peoria, Illinois asked:
September 25, 2014
Will this braize a bicycle frame?
Without knowing more information we cannot say for sure whether or not the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A can be used to braze a bicycle frame. What material is the frame made of ? What is the thickness of the material ? What brazing alloy are you going to use ?
Customer Service
on September 26, 2014

from florida asked:
September 18, 2014
I need a torch setup to braze auto air cond. lines that are aluminum and steel lines for hydraulics will this set work?
The Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A should work fine your your aluminum soldering needs.. If you plan to silver braze the hydraulic lines it should also work.If you plan to braze the hydraulic with a low fuming bronze brazing alloy it may not produce enough heat to do the job properly
Customer Service
on September 18, 2014

from Texas asked:
April 27, 2014
As a home hobbyist doing various arts/craft things, can I use the Handi-Heet to braze and solder thin gauge steel plate to copper pipe (the stuff used in plumbing)..... Steve
You should be able to use the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A for your application.. You may want to purchase some of the optional tips especially the smaller sizes such as the NE 180-00 and the NE 180-0
Customer Service
on April 28, 2014

from az asked:
December 8, 2013
can you use a size 00 tip on this torch?
Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A can use a size 00 tip. Here is the link: http://store.cyberweld.com/smaisotipne.html
Customer Service
on December 9, 2013
Yes you can use a 00 tip with the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A.. The part # for the 00 tip NE180-00
Customer Service
on December 9, 2013

Shirley M. Bobo
from Odenville, AL. 35120 asked:
October 19, 2013
Do you have the tank that goes with this set. Is this the same item mentioned in How to Solder Jewelry winter 2014 Jewelryartistmagazine.com page 35. Does this set only require one tank and can you get it filled at most welding supply stores?
The Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A uses a acetylene "B" tank / plumbers cylinder.. You can go here to purchase it http://store.cyberweld.com/accy40cufob.html
Customer Service
on October 22, 2013

from San Diego , ca asked:
July 4, 2013
Is there an adaptor to use this product on a mc tank? It only states its for a B tank. If not ,do you have similar kit for MC tank?
You would need an adapter to connect the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A to an MC tank..The part # for the adapter is WST 314 ($12.43)
Customer Service
on July 8, 2013

from Irvine, Ca asked:
September 11, 2012
what is the difference between this torch and the Smith 239-193? On this one I get a variety of tips. The other only one. It appears that they both have the same equipment. Please advise
The difference between the Smith Handi-Heet Outift NE835A and the Smith Soldering Outfit 239-193 is the tips that come in each kit. The NE835A comes with 3 tips, sizes 1, 2 and 3 and the 239-193 comes with one tip size 00. Everything else that comes in the kits is the same.
Customer Service
on September 12, 2012

from Texas asked:
August 10, 2012
Would the handi heet or silver smith be a better torch for a home jewelry studio?
The only difference between the Silver Smith and Handi Heet kits is the tips offered. The Silver Smith kit come with Smith's finest flame tip, the NE180-00. This tip has an extremely fine, precise flame. The Handi Heet kit is has Smith's most popular soldering tips for plumbing, the NE180-1, NE180-2 & NE180-3. We think your best bet for jewelry would be the Silver Smith kit. If you need a larger tip, like the 180-2 for melting, you can buy that separately. Don't forget to check out the Smith Little Torch line. It is the premier line of jewelry torches in the industry. The Little torch does require an oxygen cylinder, though.
Customer Service
on August 10, 2012

By Reva W
Sacramento, CA
Works great!
October 5, 2017
Torch works great for jewelry making. I also ordered the size 0 soldering tip, which is perfect for smaller pieces.
By Tony
Fort Worth, TX
September 21, 2017
High quality torch, perfect for silver work (though I picked up a 0 size tip separately). Lighter in hand than my Smith Toughcut, but still feels great. I had a much easier time soldering silver jewelry with the Handi Heet than with the Little Torch.
Annapolis,, MD
August 23, 2017
So happy I found this great company! Best price on great products and really exceptional customer service. When the delivery company had trouble locating my house, a very nice lady from Cyberweld customer service called me to help and I received the torch right away. Excellent transaction in every way!
ProsEverything about the purchase.
By Corey
Handy torch!
July 21, 2017
Working with Jewelry, the Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet torch is the perfect outfit for my needs.
Prosperfect heat/burn, easy to use
By Lisa
Columbus, OH
Great price and fast delivery
July 13, 2017
I wanted the Smith system for metal smithing. Thanks to the questions and answers, I found this was the same setup, but with two more tips. I ordered the smaller tips to give me a great array.
By Cheryl
South Bend, IN
Great torch, best price!
June 21, 2017
LOVE this torch! Great feel, solid, well-made. This package (3 tips, hose, regulator and striker) doesn't seem to be available anywhere else, and the best price on the internet too. My second purchase from Cyberweld, I won't be going anywhere else. Fast and free shipping too!
ProsFast shipping, free shipping, great price, solid torch, great company
ConsI got nothin'
By Douglas
Stillwater, OK
Best price in town and fast shipment.
April 13, 2017
Great Torch. Well worth the money.
By Mark
Well made torches.
January 7, 2017
Bought two last year for our shop and two more this year. Very fast service and complied with my special request without hesitation or any glitches.
ProsAble to view how much gas is left in the tank as well as accurately get the same gas setting from use to use.
ConsSorry. Can't think of any.
By Mike H.
Alpine, CA.
Great torch
January 1, 2017
Finally a great torch at a great price. You've made my silver smith work a whole lot easier. I have so much more control over my flame than my previous torch. I've made 15 pendants and necklaces since I've received the torch. Thanks and Happy New Year.
Proscomplete flame control and ease of operation
By Shannon K.
Monterey California
Just what I was looking for
November 6, 2016
This is the perfect torch for silversmithing... I love it
ProsVery easy to use and lots of heat
By Grace
Great torch
August 25, 2016
The handiheet torch is easy to set up and easy to use. It is the exact same model as the Smith Silversmith torch, but comes with extra torch tips. Great value on a great torch.
By Jackie
Smith Air/Acetylene Torch kit
July 31, 2016
Great price and product. I had been searching local Jewelry and Welding shops in my area and online, but CyberWeld beat them all with their price and support staff.
Prosprice, quality, staff +++ and shipping.
By roseanne
exeter mo.
great buy
July 24, 2016
great buy fast shipping
By Dee R.
Burbank, CA
June 23, 2016
I am a jewelry student at a local community college. After a lot of research I decided to add a Smith Silversmith torch to my studio. It's one of the best tool decisions I've made so far. I checked prices at Rio Grande, Otto Frei and Contenti before finding CyberWeld online. Their prices were much better than everyone else's and that allowed me to buy all the torch tips Smith makes for the Silversmith torch. This torch makes all soldering tasks so much easier than the butane torch I've been using. I'm really glad I moved up to this piece of equiptment. CyberWeld answered email questions quickly and delivered my torch package faster than promised. I love these guys!
ProsBest price for my torch package, great customer service and fast FREE delivery!
ConsThere are none.
By Meesh
Minneapolis, MN
Fabulous! My new favorite jewelers torch.
June 16, 2016
Great price. Fast shipping. Safely packaged. Perfect.
By Scott
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Great Torch
May 20, 2016
As a jeweler and first torch buyer I like this great little torch. Works well with all my silver, copper, and brass Feels good in my hand too Works great
By Beth
Great Torch
May 13, 2016
This a great torch. I make silver jewelry and this does exactly what is is designed for: melt metal. Cyberweld shipped it quickly and I received it in days. Thank you Cyberweld!
By Robert
Borrego Springs Ca.
most excellent
April 20, 2016
I always wanted a good torch and here it is.
ConsI wish it came with the O and OO torches. I had to order them separately.
By Dorothy
Smith Air/Acetylene kit
April 1, 2016
This was easy to order, delivered within a few days. Thank you. Will be back
By Spirit Stone Design
Wyoming MN
Just what I needed
March 26, 2016
This is the best price out there for this kit. Exactly what I was looking for.
Pros3 tips included - fast delivery
By Nancy
Bought for making jewelry
February 23, 2016
Ordered this plus the 2 smaller tips. Buying this plus the 2 extra tips I got all tips for a bit cheaper price. Bought this torch to replace an orca or easy propane torch. Am happy I did because of this torch's extra capability. Also the tips direct flame to where I need it. One thing though is it doesn't allow for controlling the oxygen to the flame to create a more oxygen rich flame like that shown on a lot of jewelry videos. Do take that into consideration if that is important to you.
By Joan
Utica NY
Great Buy
February 21, 2016
This is the best price I've seen anywhere for this torch set up. Very pleased with it overall for my small shop.
Prosefficient, safer than many other choices I could have made, easy to use
Consnone so far
By Betty B.
Dallas, TX
Awesome Torch
December 28, 2015
I love my new Handi Heet Torch! I was using the Smith Little Torch before receiving my new torch, haven't used it since. Handi-Heet offers so much more versatility.
ProsNo oxygen tanks to bother with or pay for
ConsNone, but was a little intimidating at first.
By Girlwithatorch
Glad I made the purchase
August 20, 2015
Item as described.. Fast shipping
ProsBest torch setup for metalsmithing silver and copper
By Donza3D
South Florida
Great deal!
August 2, 2015
Best deals I found on the internet by more than 12%. Great selection, great prices & quick delivery
By Arlene
Spencerport, NY
Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet outfit
July 26, 2015
I am jewelry artist expanding my abilities. My projects were getting too big for my Blazer torch and I read great things about this torch outfit. Cyberweld had the best prices when I researched it.
ProsProvides the heat needed, only one tank and multiple tips available.
Spring, TX
Is there anything better then a Smith Torch
June 27, 2015
The torch is a Smith which is an excellent torch.
By Johna
Love my new torch
June 23, 2015
Love my torch
ProsEverything arrived as described.
ConsThe only con about my new Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A was the striker is a dud.
By Terry
Valley, WA
great torch
May 8, 2015
I have used similar torches and this was a great buy for a great product. Speedy processing and delivery.
By Anna
Western Washington State
My choice for silver soldering jewelry
March 18, 2015
I will be setting up my studio when I retire in a few months. Right now it's on my kitchen table. It has taken me a few years of taking jewelry classes for me to deal with tanks of fuel hands-on comfortably. I knew I wanted just the one tank and ambient air since it's so much easier to handle. I finally had a number of classes where the Smith Little torch was used and my comfort level grew - this was the one I wanted. Totally ease of use with one hand. Then because the Handi-Heat unit had the multiple fittings, it was the best value. I added one extra tip for small work and Voila!!
ProsEasy to hold. Best price around.
ConsExpensive, but on sale.
By Martha
McKinney, Texas (No.1 City in US to Live!)
March 5, 2015
Great product, price and fast delivery! Thanks.
ProsAs advertised and fast delivery. Great pricie.
By Dan Mercil
great torch
February 15, 2015
Did not realize how easy a air/acetylene torch would be to operate.
By Linda
Casper, WY
Smith Torch
February 9, 2015
This is a work horse of torches in my studio!
By marylou f
Santa Cruz Ca
Best price online
February 4, 2015
Cyberweld has the best price on the Smith Torch. When I called to ask a question a female answered! I am soldering up a storm!
ProsBest Price
By Emily G
Brooklyn, NYC
made online purchase and was delivered next day! Smith products are best!
November 14, 2014
Using this for simple jewerly soldering, am very impressed with quality of Smith regulator and torches i purchased
By Rhonda
Paducah, KY
Makes every job easier!
October 24, 2014
I do band instrument repair and recently changed my solder station to acetylene tanks. This outfit is perfect for any job! I did add the 0 and 00 tips for even smaller jobs. I've been working too hard all these years!
By E J B
DFW Texas
Excellent Product.Great Price
September 16, 2014
Love the torch!
ProsEasy peasy in the set up!
Conshaven't found any yet!
By Nance
United States
Jewelry designer purchased
April 13, 2014
I will share this with my husbands soldering projects so I purchased this instead of the Smith Silver Smith Outfit and I purchased the 00 and 0 tips in addition. The basic unit is the same and they are priced so well. I have just tackled a hard pendant in silver adding 2 delicate bezels to a heavy back. The bushy flame heats the metal fast and after using tip no. 1, I quickly replaced that tip with 00 to finish up the delicate gallery wire bezels. The tips push into place securely and I feel this is a safe unit used correctly for my purposes.
Prosquick change tips only one tank plenty of heat for silver, copper and gold
By Paul
Seattle, WA
Great torch kit
February 23, 2014
This was delivered very promptly and works great. Unfortunately, it did not come with directions and I am a newby to using this type of torch. However, I was able to find a youtube video that helped a lot. I would definitely recommend this item.
ProsWorks great and feels very stable/solid.
ConsDoes not include directions
By John
Birmingham, AL
Fast shipping
February 21, 2014
This was my first purchase from CyberWeld and I am very pleased. I am a beginning sliver jeweler and the Smith torch was recommended by my instructor. There are some projects were a micro torch is acceptable, but for bigger jobs, this type of torch is a big help. The torch is great and the service from CyberWeld was as good as it gets.
Pros3 torch tips for versatility
By Michael
New England
Great torch at a great price
February 12, 2014
First off, let me say that CyberWeld is an excellent company to deal with. They have the best prices and quick delivery. I ultimately chose the Handi-Heet NE835A over the Silversmith because of the additional tips. I generally work in silver, but occasionally need the setup for something else. It was more cost effective to buy the Hand-Heet and the 00 tip than the Silversmith and additional tips. Smith torches are high quality, why waste your money on something less?
By Susan
Philadelphia, PA
Good product and Good service
December 25, 2013
Product came within two days of order and shipped for free along with other items. Same product listed elsewhere for much more money. Customer service representative explained difference between Heet Outfit and silversmith outfit - just the torches included in kit. Delighted. Exactly what I have used in my jewelry class.
By David
Smith Air/Acetylene Torch
October 11, 2013
Awesome product and service. Thank You!
By Vince
McLean, VA
Excellent set
October 5, 2013
The Smith Handi-Heet outfit (NE835A) is very well manufactured. The set-up comes with size 1, 2 and 3 tips. It is adverstised as being suitable for a silversmith, but if you work on jewelry or need to perform fine soldering, you will very likely need the '0' and '00' tips that don't come with this set. Order the finer-size tips separately.
ProsExcellent quality. Easy to use
Cons(1) Does not include size '0' and '00' tips needed by silversmiths. (2) The user manuals are not well illustrated and not particularly clear on valve adjustments, though valve adjustments are not hard to figure out.
By SueB
Great Buy
September 27, 2013
I'm very happy with my new Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Torch. The guys in my club mentioned they all bought and used it. Were very happy with it. Now i am one of those happy people. I received it in a timely manner, no leaks, fit easily, and I'm now in business. :) I would recommend it and I would buy another if I needed to.
By Kathi Jo
Akron, Ohio
April 15, 2013
Very good prices,, fast delivery... totally satisfied with purchases..Thanks!
By Stephanie
Alexandria VA
Smith Torch
February 17, 2013
Great value, especially with the extra tips!
By Charles
Great service
December 31, 2012
Item arrived on time in excellent condition.
ProsAppears o work as advertised.
Dallas, TX
Hani-Heet Torch
December 26, 2012
Assembled and tested the torch and it worked very well. No damage, leaks or other defects noted. Works very well as designed and advertised.
ProsGood max heat output, easy and precise flame control, useful selection of tips with the kit. Good price/value.
By Karma
Great kit at great price
December 11, 2012
I am using my torch for silversmithing. Very happy with it. There is another setup that has just the 00 tip, which is too small for most silversmithing work. I use the 1 tip for most silversmithing work, but need the 0 and 00 for very fine work like jump rings. I ordered the 00 and 0 size tips separately and it was still less than buying the kit that comes with the 00 tip elsewhere. Wish it came with 0 and 1 in a kit.
ProsDirections for setup were easy to follow for a beginner. Weight of handle seems well balanced. Tip angle is good. Long hose is great for keeping the tank out of my way. Love the simplicity of just acetylene. Why does anyone use the added bother of an oxygen tank?
ConsWish it came as a kit with the 0 andn 1 tip instead of 1, 2, and 3. Some sort of bench rack/holder for the handle would be good. I made one that kinda works. One that was made to fit would be nice and not look so clunky in my shop!
By Jasiu
Great acetylene setup
November 10, 2012
Made work a lot more pleasureable using the single hose torch. I also got the two smaller torch tips.Altogether it was a great purchase and price.
Prosease of use and dependability not to mention the price
By Dr. S
So. Cal
Great Torch
October 25, 2012
I use this setup for making jewelry and really like the bushy flame. I have been using the Smith Little torch and have burned holes in my bezels. With the Handi Heet Torch I have never burned a bezel. I recommend this item.
By Frank
Richmond, VA
Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A
September 23, 2012
Very pleased with this torch. The handle fitrs my hand well and the torch is easy to use. Price is the best around and delivery was prompt. Have already used the torch and it is great for silver work.
Prostip variety convenience ready to use
By Lori
September 17, 2012
good value for the money
Proscomplete setup
By Erin
Houston, Texas
Great Outfit
April 12, 2012
Works great...fantastic price
By Carol
Great Torch
March 6, 2012
I love this torch. It was just what I needed for completing my soldering project that were to big for my little butane torch. I did a lot of research and Cyberweld has the best prices by far. The service was very fast and professional. I received my torch in just a couple of days.
ProsI like that is torch provides a hotter flame then butane. It was very easy to set up using the instructions included with the product. I liked being able to purchase everything I needed at Cyberweld.
By Mark
Eubank, KY
Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit NE835A
March 4, 2012
Purchased for jewelry work. Works great,nice sort flame, only one gauge to mess with, andeasy to adjust. With different tips supplied, work can be done on a variety of sizes and materials. Highly recommended!
ProsEase of use, corect flame for work.
By Jim
Mesa, Arizona
Fantastic Customer Service
March 3, 2012
Individuals I dealt with over the phone went out of there way to accommodate my request, insure my items where properly identified with a sooth transaction. Would highly recommend this company to all my friends.
ProsGreat feel, balance and solder-ability. Would highly recommend size 0 and 00 tips.

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