Smith Welding & Cutting Outfits
Smith premium welding & cutting outfits feature quality construction throughout and come with Miller/Smith's True Blue™ Warranty.
Smith Little Torch Outfits & Accessories
The Little Torch feels right in your hand. It is just a fraction wider and longer than your middle finger. Weighing just 1.5 ounces, it is the industry standard in jewelers' torches.
Smith Handi-Heet, Silver Smith Soldering and Quickbraze Brazing Outfits
Smith® all-metal, precision design and lifetime guarantee assures the HVAC tech, plumber, or jeweler that he/she is getting the best soldering/brazing equipment on the market.
Smith Regulators
A complete line of versatile gas regulators for welding, cutting, heating, purging and other industrial applications.
Smith Flowmeters & Flowgauges
Smith® Flowmeters & Flowgauges represent quality and precision in shielding gas control for MIG welding and TIG welding.
Smith High Purity Regulators
Smith® High Purity Gas Regulators - Typical applications include gas management of analytical instrumentation, chromatographic carrier gas, and process gas regulation.
Smith Versa-Torch Tips & Accessories
Full line of genuine Smith® replacement tips and accessories for your Versa-Torch refrigeration & air conditioning outfit.
Smith Replacement Cutting, Welding & Heating Tips
Genuine Smith® replacement cutting welding and heating tips designed specifically for your Smith® Oxy/Fuel welding and cutting equipment.
Smith Cutting Torches, Cutting Attachments & Torch Handles
Smith® cutting torches, handles and cutting attachments are meticulously engineered to provide a lifetime of safety and performance.
Smith® GASAVERS™ drastically reduce oxy/fuel gas expense in production gas welding and brazing operations.
Oxy/Fuel Accessories
Choose from the most popular accessories and replacement items for your Oxy/Fuel welding and cutting equipment.
Miller Gas Mixers
Miller® Gas Mixers - proportional gas mixers for welding and other industrial applications.
Smith Equipment

Smith Equipment

Smith® Equipment offers an extensive line of cutting torches, gas regulators, tips and replacement gauges, and boasts its trademark "LIFETIME" warranty, one of the strongest warranty and service agreements in the industry. Smith® also serves the HVAC and jewelry industries with a line of specialty products developed specifically for these unique applications.

The Smith® Equipment line features Dual Guard Torches. All Dual Guard Torches come with an in-head flash arrestor design, reversible cutting lever, ergonomic handle design, tough manganese bronze head and Smith's worry-free lifetime warranty.