Pure Tungsten Welding Electrode
Pure tungsten electrode is used for the AC TIG welding of aluminum or magnesium.
Ceriated Tungsten Welding Electrode
Ceriated tungsten welding electrode is suitable for either AC or DC TIG welding and is excellent for use in low amperage welding applications.
Lanthanated Tungsten Welding Electrode
Lanthanted tungsten welding electrode is the most common replacement for thoriated (radioactive) tungsten and is available in both 1.5% and 2% alloys.
Thoriated Tungsten Welding Electrode
Thoriated (radioactive) tungsten welding electrode is the most widely used tungsten in the U.S. for DC TIG welding applications.
Tri-Mix, Rare Earth & E3 Tungsten Welding Electrode
Tri-Mix™, Rare Earth & E3® premium tungsten electrodes combine three oxides for maximum life and performance for AC or DC TIG welds.
Zirconiated Tungsten Welding Electrode
Zirconiated tungsten welding electrode is a must for AC TIG welds requiring minimal tungsten contamination.
Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten Electrode

Cyberweld® offers high quality tungsten welding electrode for all your TIG (GTAW) welding needs. All packages come with 10 pieces of electrodes and are available in pure, ceriated, lanthanated, thoriated, zirconiated and E3®.

Diamond Ground, E3® and Weldcraft™ brand tungsten electrodes are sourced in Asia. The Plansee and Wolfram® brands are sourced in Austria and Germany, respectively.