Lincoln Caliber 17 Series Flex Valve TIG Torch K4841-17FV-2 (25ft.)

Code: K4841-17FV-2

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Cyberweld Price $200.50
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Lincoln® Caliber™ 17 Series Flex Valve TIG Torch K4841-17FV-2

Genuine Lincoln® Caliber™ 17 series flex valve TIG Torch is a 150 amp, air cooled TIG torch that offers long-lasting performance and enhanced versatility for a premium TIG welding experience. The flexible neck adjusts to just about any angle, and the gas valve provides on/off gas control while TIG welding with a machine that does not have a built-in gas solenoid. The Caliber 17 series torch allows you to operate in comfort within the industry standard amperage classes.

Maintenance and Repair
Metal Art/Sculpture
Shipboard Installation/Repair

  • Compact, Innovative Handle Design
    Lightweight and ergonomic over molded handle improves grip to reduce finger fatigue.
  • Flexible Neck
    Provides access to limited-access joints.
  • Built in on/off Gas Valve
    For TIG welding with machines that do not have a gas solenoid.
  • Ultra-Flexible Cable
    Nylon braided exterior with soft silicone core provide elite flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Industry Standard Expendables
    All Caliber TIG Torches are compatible with industry standard front end TIG Expendables.

    Comes complete with:
  • Caliber 17 Torch Body
  • Long back cap
  • Handle
  • 1-Piece Power Cable, standard rubber, 25 ft. (7.6 m)