Miller Coolmate 1.3 Coolant System 301616

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Miller Coolmate™ 1.3 Coolant System 301616

The Miller® Coolmate™ 1.3 is a light industrial 1.3 gallon capacity cooler designed for water-cooled TIG torches up to 280 amps. The Coolmate's design allows stacking and convenient mounting and is specifically designed for use with the Miller Maxstar® 210, Maxstar® 280, Dynasty® 210, Dynasty® 280 and Dynasty® 300 TIG welders.

Direct replacement for the 300972 Coolmate™ 1.3.

Light/Heavy Industrial Applications
Tube mills

  • Closed-loop design with radiator
    Reduces coolant temperatures and prevents the system from overheating.
    Closed-loop design also recirculates the coolant through a fan-cooled heat exchanger.
  • Rustproof coolant reservoir
    Molded of poly ethylene for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Standard inlet/outlet torch fittings
    Compatible with TIG and MIG torches having standard 5/8-inch 18 left-hand fittings.
  • 10-foot (3 m) power cord with plug
    Longer than most power cords in the industry providing the extra length when required.
  • Compatible with Miller® coolants
    Which are ideal for warm and cold weather conditions, while providing HF or corrosion protection.
  • Designed to integrate
    With Dynasty 210/280/300 and Maxstar 210/280 models
  • Compact horizontal design
    Allows stacking and convenient mounting
  • Weighs 46 pounds (21 kg) dry
  • Equipped with power-on indicator light
    Located on front panel
  • Filter and coolant filling spout are conveniently located
    For easy access
  • Fluid level sight window
  • Polyethylene-molded coolant tank and filler spout
    Are both rustproof
  • Factory-set pressure-relief valve (55 psi)
    Maintains consistent pressure during operation
  • Thermally protected 1/4 hp motor
    Guards against overheating
  • Efficient fin-and-tube heat exchanger
  • Brass-body positive-displacement rotary vane pump
    Provides consistent coolant flow and pressure rating with long pump-life expectancy

    Comes complete with
  • 115 volt input power cable and plug
  • CPS adapter for Dynasty and Maxstar TIG welders equipped with CPS (Cooler Power Supply)

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