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Jackson Welding Helmets


Jackson Balder® auto-darkening lens technology has the highest rated optical quality of any ADF welding hood in the world.
TrueSight® II auto darkening welding helmets feature the unmatched clarity of Balder™ lens technology with fully digital controls.
The Jackson Nexgen auto-darkening lens is a truly digital, truly advanced welding lens with 3N1 multifunction capability (grind, weld, cut).
Jackson Insight WH40 line of auto-darkening welding hoods provides full digital, professional welding lens features at a very economical price.
Jackson Shadow and HALO-X passive lens welding helmets come with shade 10 lens glass.
Genuine Jackson welding helmet replacement parts and accessories.

Jackson Welding Helmets

Jackson® welding helmets from Kimberly Clark Professional® continue a tradition of excellence that is over 75 years old. Jackson auto-darkening, top-of-the-line, welding lenses featuring Balder™ technology, offer the greatest clarity of any welding lens in the world. Jackson also offers a variety of other welding helmet options for the professional welder and the DIY welder alike. Jackson welding helmets are available in both auto-darkening and passive shade models.

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