Lincoln Ranger Air 260MPX Engine Driven Welder K5238-1

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Cyberweld Price $13,399.00
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Lincoln® Ranger® Air 260MPX™ Engine Driven Welder K5238-1

The Lincoln® Ranger® Air 260MPX™ is a 11,500 watt AC generator and 260 amp multi-process DC engine driven welder, that comes complete with a built-in air compressor. It is also features battery charging and jump-start assist capabilities. The Ranger Air performs Stick and DC touch-start TIG welding, plus MIG and Flux-Cored welding with OPTIONAL LN-25X® series voltage sensing wire feeder. Built-in CrossLinc® technology means the Ranger Air 260MPX communicates directly with your LN-25X wire feeder through your welding leads for full remote amperage and voltage control, without the use of a separate remote-control cable.  You can also use the direct spool gun connect for MIG welding with small spools in the field.  The OPTIONAL Lincoln Magnum PRO 250LX GT spool gun plugs directly into the Ranger Air, without the use of adapters or control boxes.

The Ranger Air 260MPX generates up to 11,500 peak watts and 9,000 continuous watts of single-phase AC auxiliary power. Its compact size leaves more room for tools and equipment in your truck bed. The Kohler® ECH749 two-cylinder gasoline engine produces 26.5 horsepower at 3,600 RPM.  Engine Remote Start/Stop feature saves up to $1,200.00 in fuel costs annually.  Lincoln's unique remote start/stop system shuts the engine down automatically, when there is a long "no load" period.  The engine starts right up at the strike of an arc.  The start/stop system can also be operated manually with the use of the INCLUDED remote control fob.

The Ranger Air's built-in Vanair® rotary screw air compressor produces 40 CFM at 150 PSI to run tools as large as a 1-inch impact wrench. 


  • Stick (SMAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux-cored (FCAW)

    Maintenance & Repair
    Service Truck

  • Ready.Set.Weld® intuitive push-and-turn digital controls make setup a breeze
  • Maintenance Alerts keep track of engine functions and provide real-time data and notifications when service is required. The maintenance screen clearly displays hours remaining, and settings can be customized to issue alerts at preferred intervals
  • Chopper Technology® feature provides easy starts, a smooth and consistent arc, and low spatter for optimal bead appearance
  • CrossLinc® remote technology communicates voltage control to the welding power source through one common weld cable

     Plenty of power at 260A/26V for 100% duty cycle to weld 5/32 in. 7018 electrode

  • 11,500 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power for motor starting.
    9,000 watts continuous power for generator, plasma cutter or inverter welder.
    Lights, grinder, power tools.
    Operate sensitive electronics, like laptops, without concern - this unit delivers clean generator power with 5% Total Harmonic Distortion

  • Air Compressor The Vanair® rotary screw air compressor delivers instant 40CFM @150 PSI, generating up to 30% more air power compared to other machines in its class. Operators can power large tools – up to a 1-inch impact wrench, and inflate tires faster to complete jobs in less time.
  • Battery Jump Assist and Batter Charge Capability to jump and charge 12V and 24V batteries on the jobsite. Get equipment started and keep productivity high with 260A for cold cranking assist.
  • 26.5 HP Kohler® Gasoline Engine
    2 cylinder, 4 cycle overhead valve. air-cooled design.
  • Auto Stop/Start Automatically monitors machine use and places the engine into a standby power mode when not in use – helps save on fuel costs and machine hours.
     Up to $1200 in total savings (fuel and maintenance)
     Integrated tap-to-start functionality while welding
     Included wireless remote fob for engine stop/start operation
  • Rugged Reliability
    Welding and AC generator outputs rated at 104F (40C).


    Comes complete with
  • Ranger® Air 260MPX™ welder with Kohler® OHV ECH749 gasoline engine.
  • Built-in Vanair® air compressor - 40 CFM @ 150 PSI
  • Remote Start/Stop fob
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